April 23rd, 2011 / 6:04 pm
Web Hype

cool fun new stuff in NYC

TONIGHT: Eileen Myles / Jon Leon / (our own) Nathaniel Otting

8PM — 390 Seneca Ave. (Entry on Stanhope), Brooklyn, NY


THURSDAY, APRIL 28TH: Brian Kalkbrenner / Dan Hoy / Amy Lawless / Maggie Wells

6:30PM — The Strand, Union Square

best video:


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  1. goner

      Also: Lynne Tillman reads at St. Mark’s Bookshop on Monday night (4/25) @ 7pm.

      I totally forgot that Kyle Korver used to play for the Sixers.

  2. SW

      Oh, yawn … yet another Eileen Myles reading.

  3. marshall

      how many htmlgianters live in the nyc-area? seems like every event i’ve seen advertised here is in the nyc-area. are these things helpful to ppl?

  4. Kyle Minor

      We all get free rent for our flats in the Gene Morgan Building in Williamsburg (overlooking the bridge, the river, Manhattan.) It is a seriously glamorous life.

  5. Sean

      I’m a little shocked at the naivete of this inquiry. We ALL live in east side Manhattan, a little $1700 a month shotgun closet, upper side. How many “running through Central Park” posts do I have to do, or does Blake need to more often say “At least the Hawks try!” or do you need more Kyle Minor “Carousel Couples Club” long, long nights before you get the hint. We suck, breathe, live NY, and why don’t you? Really.

      No car, us all. We don’t change oil, we drink it. Think about the benefits.

      Laid so often, and then blinded by dazzle. We are like Tao Lin if he ate bacon. Think about the benefits.

      Lost in a crowd. Think about the benefits.



  6. Sean

      Is Blake 2.0 even connected to this site anymore?

      This shit is global.

      No more local readings blah,blah, blah, street corner. Andrew, get the memo. It’s all coffee stained and shit

  7. marshall

      Kyle and Sean…

      I don’t really understand what either of you just said.

      Like, it seems like most of the events I’ve seen posted here are in the NYC-area. That’s an observation. I would guess that lots of the visitors to this site don’t live in the NYC-area. (I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t really have any way of verifying that.) That’s why I was wondering why all the things posted seem to be in the NYC-area.

      I don’t really understand the jokes you two are making. Like, what are you making fun of me for exactly? I was like asking factual questions…

  8. rebecca black

      i think you’re making fun of yourself? seriously: i’m with marshall on this one. what is going on in here?

      nyc sounds expensive.

  9. Kyle Minor

      Well, Sean lives in Muncie, Indiana, and I live in Toledo, Ohio, so, yes: We’re making fun of ourselves (or at least I am), not Marshall. But in another way of looking at it, we’re cosmopolitan enough: The Internet is the new New York, like everyone is saying, right? (I think that’s only 20% true, though.)

  10. rebecca black

      i’d argue the internet is the new tv. in any case, i’d be interested in reading a review of these events if they were interesting.

      i really don’t get the youtube videos.

  11. M. Kitchell

      in terms of contributors i think only like… 2 do? out of the current list at least.

  12. marshall

      When I wrote “htmlgianters,” I meant “htmlgiant visitors” rather than “htmlgiant contributors.” That was probably unclear.

  13. Anonymous

      damn y’all are fuckin cranky

  14. deadgod

      comes from living or wanting to live or wanting other people to know that one doesn’t live or want to live in fun city

  15. Kyle Minor

      Not only am I interested in reading a review of these events (and hearing about them) — I am also interested in playing around with the idea of the place where they happen, and the idea of this place being a part of that place, even though this place is in some ways a conceptual place (but in many ways so is New York, and that’s part of its appeal. When you hear New York, you also hear the idea of New York, and you start to think about yourself in relation to the idea of New York, and probably more so when you don’t live in New York.)

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