Keyhole Lifetime Subscription on Ebay

Posted by @ 2:11 pm on April 15th, 2009

Um, wow… here’s a rad one:

Keyhole Lifetime Subscription

The starting bid is 99ยข

*U.S. bidders only*

Subscription includes all past releases that are still in print and everything we release in the future.

What you’ll get now:

Keyhole 5 (handwritten issue)

Keyhole 6

Questionstruck by William Walsh

Spill by Curtis Crisler

Later this year you’ll get:

  • Phantasmagoria by Thomas Cooper (May)
  • One of These Things Is Not Like the Others by Stephanie Johnson (June)
  • Now Playing by Shellie Zacharia (September)
  • How to Predict the Weather by Aaron Burch (December)
  • Plus 3 new issues of Keyhole, a quarterly, perfect bound journal (May, August, November)
That’s 11 books this year alone

We’re lining up some good stuff for next year too, including William Walsh’s collection of stories, Ampersand, Mass.

And we’ll throw in a free one-year subscription for a friend

I think you’re going to have to fight me for this. Let’s go.

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