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You have to admit it’s pretty funny that you can get the NEW KEYHOLE journal (#10) for $8, or just $5 if “you think literary journals are boring or that reading in general is boring.”

Massive People (11): Peter Cole


Peter Cole is the editor of Keyhole Magazine and Press, an entity that has gone from start up beginnings to massive and all over perhaps quicker than any other literary magazine that has ever existed. Based out of Nashville, Keyhole is not only a magazine, a website, a press for full length books, it also continues to push its horizons with any way it can get words into peoples hands, such as the Nashville is Reads project, which tapes poems to random locations in publics, and Keyhole Digest, freely distributed online and in real life.

In around 2 years they’ve released 7 full length print issues, maintained a steady flow of content on their website, released a full length book (William Walsh’s fantasticly odd and oddly moving Questionstruck) with plans for many more already lined up, several chapbooks, contests… so much output I can hardly even remember to list it all.

I asked Peter if I could ask him some questions about the start up of Keyhole and its ever expanding umbrella, and he kindly agreed.


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June 16th, 2009 / 10:37 am

Keyhole Lifetime Subscription on Ebay

Um, wow… here’s a rad one:

Keyhole Lifetime Subscription

The starting bid is 99¢

*U.S. bidders only*

Subscription includes all past releases that are still in print and everything we release in the future.

What you’ll get now:

Keyhole 5 (handwritten issue)

Keyhole 6

Questionstruck by William Walsh

Spill by Curtis Crisler

Later this year you’ll get:

  • Phantasmagoria by Thomas Cooper (May)
  • One of These Things Is Not Like the Others by Stephanie Johnson (June)
  • Now Playing by Shellie Zacharia (September)
  • How to Predict the Weather by Aaron Burch (December)
  • Plus 3 new issues of Keyhole, a quarterly, perfect bound journal (May, August, November)
That’s 11 books this year alone

We’re lining up some good stuff for next year too, including William Walsh’s collection of stories, Ampersand, Mass.

And we’ll throw in a free one-year subscription for a friend

I think you’re going to have to fight me for this. Let’s go.

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April 15th, 2009 / 2:11 pm

Deal of the Week: Keyhole Magazine

Two news items from Keyhole Magazine:

1) The editors are offering a special discount this week only (November 10-17). You pay them $15 and they sign you up for a yearlong subscription. That’s four issues, if my math is correct. The subscription starts with Issue 6, so it looks like you’ll have to free up another $12 to purchase the nice-looking Handwritten Issue, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

2) And in week-old staff-related news, Molly Gaudry, of Willows Wept and Twelve Stories fame, has recently joined the Keyhole masthead as an editor (via Molly’s blog). Handshakes all around.






(sorry if this was already posted before – i have a headache)

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November 11th, 2008 / 7:55 pm

Keyhole 5: all handwritten

The idea of this thing is just insane. Can’t wait to see it. The sales info speaks for itself:

23 authors.
Full color.
Completely handwritten.

Free shipping.

Preorder here.

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November 6th, 2008 / 12:16 am