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This Isn’t Really an Interview: Robert Alan Wendeborn Talks to Dan Magers and Carrie Murphy About Their New Books

Robert Alan Wendeborn: So, first I guess I want you two to say something about yourselves, intro or whatever…

Dan Magers: Carrie do you want to go first?

Carrie Murphy: haha sure

what do you mean, robbie?

like a mini bio or like a funny fact or something?

RW: um, introduce yourself

mini bio

on the fly

CM: ok, i’m carrie murphy, i wrote a book called Pretty Tilt, from keyhole press, i’m from Baltimore, MD, i got my MFA (with robbie) at nmsu in las cruces NM






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September 25th, 2012 / 12:19 pm

Craven self-promotion + craven publisher promotion + actually kind of an interesting way to get one’s work out = Keyhole is now offering to let you pay for minibooks (like mine) and full titles (like the previously mentioned book by Matt Bell) with a tweet.

Keyhole Book Submissions

Kudos to Peter Cole for writing the best submission guidelines since those at Muumuu House. From

Books. Fiction Collections, Novels, Novellas, etc.

We are not accepting book submissions. Really, we can’t do much for you that you can’t already do for yourself. We encourage authors to release books independently.

Right on. I am for that too, once he convinced me of it. I called Peter a while ago and asked him to put the Keyhole logo on Say, Poem so that later I could put it on a CV saying I had a book from them. He basically said, why bother? He said, get a backbone. Make self-publishing worthwhile and legitimate. If you’re smart, he said, that’s the way to go.

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September 22nd, 2010 / 10:16 am

The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge

I have a new minibook. You can order a copy now. If you want.

There’s some black metal in it. And three short stories.

UPDATE: Can I just point out how awesome my name looks as a black metal band logo?

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August 30th, 2010 / 3:13 pm

2 New from Keyhole: Bell & Burch

For a limited time only, Keyhole Press is offering both Matt Bell’s How They Were Found and Aaron Burch’s How To Predict the Weather in a package deal for $19.99 including shipping. Can’t wait to have these monsters in my hands.

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August 18th, 2010 / 4:10 pm


I stumbled upon the St. John’s College Reading List and I find it fascinating. Readings cover the Greeks, the Bible, and much much more. A few universities do this sort of thing–a comprehensive reading program to serve as the foundation of a student’s education. I think it’s a wonderful approach but I agonize over how you decide which books to include. What would be on your reading list?

Mud Luscious Press is having a bookmark contest. Details here.

Another year, another Orange Prize  fracas.

Frequent, lively commenter Amber Sparks has assumed the position of Fiction Editor for Emprise Review. Send her some great writing, won’t you?

Come April, Letter Machine Editions is reading manuscripts.

Offered without commentary: Robert Swartwood vs. Narrative, Part II.

I read a couple of great books this weekend and you may want to check them out—Congratulations! There’s No Last Place If Everyone is Dead by Matthew DeBenedictis (sold out, sadly) and Non/Fiction by Dan Gutstein. The former came with an odd packet of instant coffee and Yo! MTV Raps trading cards. I now know that there are trading cards for everything.

Submishmash is a great alternative to the CLMP submission manager (which is a fine product albeit a bit pricey) and its run by fine people who are very responsive to their customers. If you’re looking for a submission management option, you should check them out.

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March 22nd, 2010 / 4:54 pm

Stephanie Johnson Reads Online at Keyhole


Just caught the last few minutes of Stephanie Johnson’s live web-reading over at Keyhole to promote her book One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others and general good-feeling web-literature emotions. Great stuff; I enjoyed it a lot. She read two pieces (one was the title piece of the collection).

Stephanie will read again tomorrow at 8pm CST and Thursday at 8pm CST. To watch live, access Keyhole‘s website or go to the UStream link. It’s pretty simple to figure out; I didn’t have any trouble.

You can also chat with Stephanie after the reading, though you may have to do it through a UStream account.

You can watch an archived version of tonight’s reading here.

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July 28th, 2009 / 9:38 pm

Keyhole Lifetime Subscription on Ebay

Um, wow… here’s a rad one:

Keyhole Lifetime Subscription

The starting bid is 99¢

*U.S. bidders only*

Subscription includes all past releases that are still in print and everything we release in the future.

What you’ll get now:

Keyhole 5 (handwritten issue)

Keyhole 6

Questionstruck by William Walsh

Spill by Curtis Crisler

Later this year you’ll get:

  • Phantasmagoria by Thomas Cooper (May)
  • One of These Things Is Not Like the Others by Stephanie Johnson (June)
  • Now Playing by Shellie Zacharia (September)
  • How to Predict the Weather by Aaron Burch (December)
  • Plus 3 new issues of Keyhole, a quarterly, perfect bound journal (May, August, November)
That’s 11 books this year alone

We’re lining up some good stuff for next year too, including William Walsh’s collection of stories, Ampersand, Mass.

And we’ll throw in a free one-year subscription for a friend

I think you’re going to have to fight me for this. Let’s go.

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April 15th, 2009 / 2:11 pm

Keyhole Books 1st Releases

A nice, big announcement from Keyhole Press:

Keyhole has several full-length releases scheduled in 2009.

First up is William Walsh’s Questionstruck – A Collection of Question-based Texts Derived from the Books of Calvin Trillin.

Then Stephanie Johnson’s fiction collection, One of These Things is Not Like the Others and a fiction collection by Shellie Zacharia, Now Playing.

More info on each release will be available soon.

Exciting to see another great new press revealing their debuts.

Excerpts from William Walsh’s ‘Questionstuck’ can be found at his blog here.

Keyhole I believe is also still open to submissions of book length work for their press, and shorter work for the web, which is currently chock full of incredible people like Amelia Gray & Kim Chinquee.

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November 3rd, 2008 / 4:03 pm