February 25th, 2011 / 4:35 pm
Author Spotlight & Random

11 wet velveeta on jar knuckles

11. In his craving for fame and fulfillment he dumped his family, bullied his friends, ripped off ideas and lied about his past. Charlie Sheen? No, Gauguin.

11. Seventy-one copies or eighty-two days remain to snort up Darby Larson’s The Iguana Complex. Go there.

11. Lorrie Moore weighs in on the Carmelo Anthony/New York Knicks trade.

1. Top 10 counter-culture books. At first I gandered and thought where is Trout Fishing? But it seems like this guy glows memoirs. I’ve read zero of them. Summer?

11. Your best guess: What the fuck is a personal library? It sounds like I am a book. We are not books, but the idea is comforting (beginning, middle, end–nice delusion…). Here’s a new one: What is on your personal library shelf right now that isn’t a book. I am going to go look right now: empty wine rack, candles with dust balls, 3 family photos (all three professional, posed bullshit photos), a gnome dressed as a Tennessee Titan, a plastic pumpkin (fuck, it stayed up since Halloween), a fake hollowed-out book that is a hiding spot for letters from a young lady in South Africa, a rope bracelet that protects you from sharks, __________, two deeds to automobiles, a buckeye, a single .44 bullet, a chocolate coin, a treasury bond. You?

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  1. Ryan Call

      on my bookshelf now that isnt a book: my motorcycle helmet, my darts and some extra flights, a coaster, and i think a handful of bottle caps.

  2. Kevin Spaide

      Fossilized tree bark, demo tape of band I was in in 1991, rocks, a turtle made out of blue glass, a tiny statue my wife found outside the opera house, etc.



  4. Sean

      Embroidery of?

  5. Sean

      Embroidery of?

  6. drew kalbach

      one hat, unworn.

  7. Frank Tas

      A teddy bear from Sunshine Physical Therapy wearing a blue teeshirt with white text that read

      “Sunshine Physical Therapy helped me ‘bear’ the pain.”

  8. shaun gannon

      plastic vampire teeth, dvds and some ps1/2/3 games, packets of printer paper, an external hard drive, a white wig in a ponytail, and the instructions for how to build the bookshelves – why do i still have those

  9. Sean

      I have an entire file of instructions for things I’ve already built. Hmm. Could be a story.

  10. deadgod

      11. For Brautigan, scroll down the thread to Mimms. A few commenters point out that it’s a “London”/England/Britain list from the get-go, but why not books from anywhere that affected – or should have, or cast light from afar on – people in England’s freak/opposition scenes?

      Commenters also refer to the term “counter-culture” as an oxymoron (at best) or a bunch of self-congratulatory bullshit (more likely). Is there cultural production or work that really is “counter” to “culture” in general, categorically, and/or effectively? For example, is Thus Spake Zarathustra “counter” to the conditions for the possibility of “culture”? Any poetry? – or sacred text? Is totalitarian rhetoric “counter” to “culture”?



  12. Another Sean

      Formerly white flower petals that now look like crushed leaves, several rings, a half smoked cigar that is three years old (band intact), a Pentax K1000 camera, one bottle cap, several guitar picks, a pocket knife, two pipes, a digital voice recorder, Advil cold and sinus, a video camera tape, a video camera battery, a whisky flask, two keys to my house, a key to a car I no longer own, a terribly cracked plastic Oktoberfest mug that can no longer be used without great speed and agility, two pairs of old glasses, a tin whistle, three darts, a knit cap, a capo, tapes for the digital voice recorder, a bottle opener, a film canister sans film, an old journal from a trip to Ireland, something called an iMic, an antique powder horn, a button from a band called Eat Sugar, two cell phones that no longer work but have pictures on them I’d rather not throw away, another film canister (this one with film), a cork screw, a tambourine, “shims”, cookie cutters (?!), a USB drive, an empty Hudepohl beer bottle, some beads, some nails, an expired credit card, a really big battery that goes to something like a weed eater, XLR cables, a soil test kit, empty CD’s, something black and round with buttons labeled A and B, old photographs, a dirty wine glass, a microphone, a charcoal pencil set, there are other things, many more I think, seriously, can someone tell me why, what the fuck is all this shit here for.

  13. Sean

      I hear you here. What is “counter culture?” now. I mean in 1968 that meant a cultural change. Now not so much. BUT.

      You should write a HTML post on your point. I hear you.

  14. adam m.

      people need to nab a copy of the iguana complex while they still can…

  15. Anonymous

      11 is the loneliest number of great change

      bookshelf items include shoehorn, anchor necklace, tiny chalkboard, fuzzy velvet watercolor marker triceratops print, painter’s tape, mystical seven-creature “Ocarina of Tourism”, two boxes trivia cards, 1983 Bates 420 desktop stapler, portrait of myself, can of cat food, bottle of Jennifer Lopez brand Live LUXE perfume (broken aerator), slide whistle, six buttons, bourbon tumbler featuring Dow-Jones Industrial Average January 1958-April 1968 statistics, photograph of a woman, about eight dollars (in coin), nine markers, four unsharp sketching pencils, chessboard chewed by a bygone pet, unused matchbook that says in words on the cover “There are Many Ways to say I Love You, but Fucking is the Fastest”

  16. Anonymous


  17. phmadore

      Direct Action by Ann Hansen is a good counter-culture memoir.

  18. Janey Smith

      Sean? I like The Assault on Culture by Stewart Home.

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  20. Anonymous

      vipstores.net )