December 10th, 2010 / 7:16 pm
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5 required test of the status of the gouts of yellow snot of

11. I never understand what a translator must feel. To “guess” what word might represent the author’s intent. Like dancing about architecture or fucking about bowling parties, I’m sure. Here is a fascinating interview about translating Haruki Murakami.

55. At a thousand thousands, Sam Lipsyte reads Hob Broun.

5. There is no # 5. Ok, this: Taylor Swift is vacuous. So there is no # 5.

14444. Sean D. Kelly writes an essay about Scylla, blow-driers, Charybdis of religious delusion, the conditions of thigh chaffing and self-deception,  the dancer as the dance, and the anxiety and nihilism of George Michael/Nietzschean post-God secularism. Well done, sir. And worth your time. Click. Trust me.

7. Hey you opinionated cacafuegos. What makes bad writing bad? This is sharp blow glow. Watch:


There’s no rule that says you get steadily better.

I had a big Hemingway boner.

It’s pretty bad.

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  1. Owen Kaelin

      Steve Almond and David Sedaris talking about bad writing?

      Well… I suppose it makes sense… .