November 10th, 2010 / 5:11 pm

Mess Section, anti-fragile edition

Nassim Taleb has posted a table illustrating his concepts of fragility, robustness & anti-fragility. Context: “This seems quite a universal traits of languages (I tried Mediterranean, classical, and Semitic languages),where the notion of antifragility is totally absent.” :: Noah Cicero gives a short history of philosophy. :: Jonathon Keats tries to make porn for God. :: Sententia #3 wants novel pitches/excerpts. :: gifs get subtle. :: “I often heard [D.W. Griffith] say that he would rather have written one page of Leaves of Grass than to have made all the movies for which he received world acclaim.”

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  1. jereme_dean

      word. picking up the swan this weekend.

  2. deadgod

      a triad under the influence of The Triad

      Nervous System:

      Fragile: registers sensation concavely

      Robust: flexes convexly in reaction to sensation

      Antifragile: incorporates sensation

  3. arrqué

      fragile: antifragile

      robust: fragile

      antifragile: robust

  4. mimi

      I gotta say, Noah Cicero certainly has a way with words.

  5. Janey Smith

      Jonathon Keats turns me on.

  6. Eric Beeny

      I like Noah’s post, and Keats’ answers to those questions. Very funny…

  7. Adam Robinson

      WOW. Those subtle gifs maybe more than anything else seem to me to be the best usage of the Internet — how they look like photos and then move has unsettled me more science fictionally than maybe anything else I’ve ever seen.

  8. Ryan W. Bradley

      thanks for spreading the word on Sententia 3, Ken!

  9. isomorphisms

      I never understand Taleb’s tables. They just seem like random taxonomies. Here is a table that makes sense to me:
      |Nassim Nicholas Taleb |