Gopher gaze

This is what I know about sex, there is a hole, there is a stick, and it all works out in the end, and occasionally “in the end,” if you know what I mean. And duh, sometimes two sticks and/or two holes can get along just fine, I went to college. The idea of penetration can only exist because we feel outside of things, but what if we are put inside, a gopher hole maybe, or in a gallery peaking into a room made to make us feel inside a hole. What if aesthetics is humanity’s commercial, something to seem better than it is. Duchamp’s cunt is shaved because Courbet’s used up all the hair. We all know about the male gaze, but the gopher gaze didn’t get a thesis written about it, until now, well not exactly.


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April 27th, 2011 / 7:31 pm

Antichrist Superstar: Rule of Threes Resurrected

1. Holy hell. Antichrist, the film, might have ruined my life. And on top of that, it was one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve ever seen. Talk about content versus craft. Fuck.

2. I dreamed last night that I had a reading in front of 1,000 or so people, and I hadn’t prepared. Got up on stage and couldn’t decide which poems to read. Blake Butler offered to read one of my poems for me, but I wouldn’t let him and proceeded to babble and choke my way through something until some audience member began playing the piano…

3. A girl I like:

Artist Kendra Binney

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March 24th, 2010 / 9:45 am

Not sure I agree with a single film on the New Yorker’s Best of 2009 list, at least of the ones I’ve seen. Judd Apatow? Really? Actually, I can’t remember seeing much of anything good in the theater not only this year, but recent years before. Antichrist is the only exception, my list of one for 2009. What are some other films worth seeing from this’n?

Antichrist is by far the best and most well made film I’ve seen in at least a couple years.