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1. The 47th issue of Slope is up and live and overflowing with yes.

2. For NYers, on Feb 2, hit up the release party for Deb Olin Unferth’s new memoir, REVOLUTION: The Year I Fell in Love and Went to Join the War, co-hosted by the Believer. She’ll be discussing the book with Believer co-editor Heidi Julavits. 7–9pm at Powerhouse Arena.

3. Luca Dipierro has released an object made of paper full of drawing called DAS DING.

4. Redivider is running their first annual fiction contest, open until March 1

5. At Thought Catalog, The Different Types of People There are on the Internet.

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January 20th, 2011 / 6:10 pm

I was the one who was called to make it: an interview with Luca Dipierro

Luca makes films, makes paintings, makes stories. He recently moved from New York to North Carolina, where he has become a visual artist full time. We talk about this recent decision, the relationship of art & commerce, art as work, and what is beautiful/not pure.

KB: So, what I’m immediately curious about is your thought process before you moved to North Carolina and decided to make art your primary business. Was there a definite moment in which you decided this?

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May 26th, 2010 / 9:00 am


Leni Zumas and Luca Dipierro have the first installment of a gorgeous series up at Gigantic.

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April 21st, 2010 / 8:08 pm

How does Luca Dipierro do it? Check out the trailer he made for WORDS, by Andy Devine.

New York Tyrant 7 Trailer

Luca Dipierro strikes again, this time with a trailer for the forthcoming new issue of New York Tyrant. Beautiful and creepy. Rumor is the Greek writing says, “I tried to warn you but you won’t listen.”

Rumor also is this issue is, at least in part, the ‘rape’ issue. Hold on.

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September 10th, 2009 / 10:13 am

Luca Dipierro animates Lydia Millet

Second in the line of video trailers for short stories from Electric Literature (the first having been for Jim Shepard, mentioned here) is a stop motion animation from the wonderful Luca Dipierro, who took a single sentence from Lydia Millet’s story to create this one minute reel of beauty.

Here is the sentence: “Sometimes he wished he could gather all the dogs he loved most and walk off the end of the world with them.” from her story Sir Henry.

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September 9th, 2009 / 12:03 pm

‘I Will Smash You’

Michael Kimball and Luca Dipierro have been working for a while now on a video project, ‘I Will Smash You,’ which entails, essentially, videos of people smashing stuff, most often items germane in some way to their life.

A new trailer for the film features Michael Kimball going to town on a desk, which is a dark fantasy I live through almost every day. It is nice to see the release contained:


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March 31st, 2009 / 1:38 pm