The Failure Six

The Failure Six by Shane Jones

CoverTries4.inddThis second novel by Shane Jones is out now from Fugue State Press and getting excellent and interesting reviews. I like Darby Larson’s thoughts on the book here.

Shane is doing a contest on his blog with a giveaway for the book.

In The Failure Six, a group of messengers, who work for a vast bureaucracy, all struggle with the same task – to retell the life story of a woman named Foe who seems to have lost her memory. The irrepressible emotions of the messengers – and Foe’s clear need to be left alone in her amnesia – make for a strange, unaccountable, untellable story.

In this town, speech is accomplished through stacks of paper so tall they touch the sky…the floors of a teahouse are built in seconds…and a mysterious character named DH threatens the town with bombs and his “Deliverer” who wields the world’s most expensive revolvers. The Failure Six is a mystery grounded in Kafka, Gogol, and human dreams.

I read this book in draft and am excited to read it in full and final form. Shane’s got the magic.


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November 5th, 2009 / 4:44 pm

The Failure Six is now available for pre-order


Former Giant contributor and author we love Shane Jones will have his book The Failure Six published by Fugue State Press in January 2010, but those who pre-order now will receive the book and a “surprise” in October.

the surprise is similar to the surprise in those boxes of popcorn
could be a chapbook, could be edited pages not included in the book, could be signed copy
could be a picture of gene morgans mom

—Shane via a gmail chat

The Fugue State Press site also includes an excerpt from the book here.

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Chris Pell’s Failure Six illustrations.

Personally, I can’t wait to read this.

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June 23rd, 2009 / 1:04 pm