Interview with Jeremy M. Davies

I met Jeremy M. Davies in a hotel room. It was late—or early, depending. He came in with a whirl, holding a huge manuscript, wearing a lot of black, or charcoal, depending. As soon as Davies walked in, someone handed him some whiskey, then the whole group left.

The next time I saw Davies, he walked into a Mexican restaurant, late—not late in the evening, per se, but simply late. About an hour late. Whereas he did not walk in with a huge manuscript, he was wearing a lot of black, or charcoal, depending.

But enough about that. Jeremy Davies’s Rose Alley is dense with wit, charm, and dirty, dirty smut, disguised in lush, meandering metaphor. Although the story—if one can honestly call it a story—is set during the 1968 Paris student riots, the chapters jump to follow different characters all involved in a film. As I was reading this book, I emailed Jeremy & told him I forgot he was the author. To me, that’s one of the ultimate compliments. I mean: I read his book, knowing him, and I was so blown away I forgot he wrote it. But don’t take my word for it: Josh Cohen said this book was his favorite of 2009 from someone he knows; powerhouse demi-god Harry Mathews says, “You have no excuse for not reading this book;” the ever brilliant Steve Katz says, “He is an impeccable stylist who creates a richness full of Nabokovean Pynchonistics, totally original, dressed in wacky erudition.”

And so, without further ado, the interview:


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December 28th, 2009 / 9:48 am

how are your holidays going? tell me. tell me. i want to know.

when do you drink coffee & how do you take it? do either of these things actually mean anything to you?

Oh! Canada!

Hello, HTML Giant, from sub-zero Canada! I’m happy to be on board.

So yesterday, I packed all my stuff in a car and drove up here. And now, here I am, in Canada. What’s with this place? What’s going on here? Free health care? Clean cities? Really, it can’t be trusted. I mean, can people who choose to live in a place this cold be trusted? (Obviously, I’ve chosen to live here & I know I’m untrustworthy. Logic then tells me that anyone else who makes this decision also can’t be trusted.)

And what’s with the writing scene here? I mean, sure, Christian Bok & Jeff Parker, among a handful of unknown writers like Michael Ondaatje, are here, but who else? What else?!? Give me hope, HTML Giant!

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December 19th, 2009 / 1:54 pm

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