Amelia Gray makes sense out of the Publishers Weekly and WILLA kerfuffle at the Huffington Post: “To vastly extrapolate, assuming that the number of top-quality male and female writers is equally distributed, most journals would publish more men than women, without even considering bias.”

Zach Dodson and Amelia Gray talk shop over at the Powell’s book blog, about finalizing a book, publishing, monsoons, and $$$. “For a long while Jonathan (my partner in featherproof) was playing the lottery with the sole purpose of funding the press.”

Word Spaces (12): Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray is the author of AM/PM (featherproof) and Museum of the Weird (forthcoming from FC2). She recently won the FC2 Fiction Prize. I’ve linked to a page on her website that lists many publications online that you may read over. Also, here’s an audio recording of Amelia’s reading from AM/PM in Tucson for a reading thing at Congress, I think.

Various information about her and her work can be read here:

AM/PM reviewed at Literary License

Interview w/ Ryan Manning

AM/PM reviewed by PH Madore

Amelia Gray’s favorite novellas

Below is her word space. Enjoy.

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Amelia Gray !!! FC2 !!!

ameliaMad congrats to the firestorm known as Amelia Gray, who has just been announced as the winner of 2008 FC2 Ronald Sukenik / American Book Review contest:

Lidia Yuknavitch, our final judge chose Amelia Gray’s manuscript titled Museum of the Weird as this year’s winner.  A complex and piercing collection, as poetic as it is poignant,  Museum of the Weird features twenty four short stories that collectively expose both the hilarity and heartbreak of life in the twenty first century.   Congratulations again, to our winner, Amelia Gray!

Like T.I. said: what you know about dat?

Mega congratulations to Amelia. I am super excited for her. I hope it includes two of my favorites, There Will Be Sense from DIAGRAM, and ‘Diary of the Blockage’ from Caketrain.

If you have not already picked up her first collection AM/PM from Featherproof/Paper Egg, now’s the time, kid.

Amelia Gray’s AM/PM

amcovthumbOut this month from Featherproof, as a kickoff to their brand new and already brain-changing Paper Egg Books: Amelia Gray’s fabulous AM/PM, a short novel that follows “23 characters across 120 stories full of lizard tails, Schrödinger boxes and volcano love.”

I was already really excited about this before I saw how beautiful the book is (as is to be expected in the nimble hands of designer Zach Dodson), having continually been wowed and had my skirt blown up by Amelia’s work in the past, such as this amazing story in the Diagram Innovative Fiction finalists, and Caketrain, American Short Fiction, etc.

Last night, though, reading AM/PM from cover to cover before bed, I could not stop rotating between the sharp, quick gut giggles that Amelia’s layered one liners continually deliver, and awe at her unmatched ability to meld the everyday minutiae of houses and people-talk with moments of pure existential terror and sublime gloaming.

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