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explain-yourselfToday’s contestant is Matthew Savoca, who’s story “Everybody Painted the Barn that Day,” in Kathryn Regina’s brilliant childhood photo project at Wunderkammer, struck me as the closest thing to Mark Twain I’ve ever read on the Internet, as much for the voice as for the quaint story. Hoping that you’ll still follow the link to Wunderkammer in order to see the picture that Savoca is responding to, I have pasted the story here:

Everybody painted the barn that day. There was Ma, Paw, Timmy, and Mr. Walsh. We’d been planning to paint it for three or four weeks starting in the beginning of April but didn’t actually get started until early May which really messed up my plans because I had decided sometime in February that I was going to leave as soon as Winter broke. I was five years old. Paw couldn’t understand why I was so enthusiastic about getting the painting started, which was because I had decided I’d stay and help so as not to upset Ma. Eventually we did it, over two days – Saturday and Sunday. The picture was taken on Saturday that’s why it doesn’t look like much has been done. I got paint all over my overalls when one of the cans spilled off the ladder Paw was on. It even got in my hair and we spent all night washing and scrubbing it out. Then my overalls were all messed up and Ma got to working on mending an old pair of mine that she’d been meaning to fix up for a long time, so I had to wait even longer before leaving. One thing led right on to another thing happening and I never did run away that summer.

Not much to explain there, Mr. Savoca, but I do want to know: did you run away when you were a boy, and if so, for how long? Matthew Savoca: EXPLAIN YOURSELF! (applause).

(For last week’s edition featuring Peter Berghoef, who lost, click here.)

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October 12th, 2009 / 10:41 am


kathryn regina is curating the next two weeks at wunderkammer.  she will be posting pieces from a project she supervised, where a group of writers submitted a childhood picture, then another writer wrote about that picture. 

go here to check out the first intallment, featuring writing by chris killen.

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“I am in the air right now”: A Review

regina1Kathryn Regina’s I am in the air right now (see publisher details page, which includes a brilliant promo clip by the great Greg Lytle) concerns, for me, weightlessness induced by the heavy feelings we carry. This paradox Regina sets up is a great formal device. Through the collection of poems, we come to learn of the narrator and her ‘fall out’ (that’s my pun) with a boy named Pedro while in a hot air balloon.


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Kathryn Regina’s AS I SAID

New from Publishing Genius‘s THIS PDF Chapbook Series: Kathryn Regina’s AS I SAID…

Kathy is one of my favorites. I can’t ever remember reading something by her that didn’t invoke light and often make me laugh. She is the real thing, and this new one is something to be savored. I am going to order the print version so I can really dig in on it fully. Go.

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