Heather Christle said something interesting last night in the Q & A session after her great reading. I don’t have the exact quote, and she was joking, but when Jeremiah asked how an online reading differed from F & B (Flesh and Blood), Heather said something about this HTMLGiant live stream marking the end of flesh and blood readings. I felt simultaneously a little apocalyptic and a little excited that I could wear my pajamas to any reading ever. Will face-to -ace readings change? Will they stream? Will they go hybrid?

What is the most nervous you have ever been while giving a reading?

HTMLGiant Readin’


Larger flyer here.

Come out. See people read. See this person live. See this person live, too. See the person who wrote this live. See Kevin Sampsell host. (See me.) See all this in Portland.

The next night, see a variation of this in Seattle. Add this person with the glasses to the line up. Subtract the pidgeon guy.

PAY NOTHING FOR BOTH events! Except maybe if you buy books.

Also, BUY BOOKS. This top book, maybe.

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April 6th, 2009 / 1:02 pm