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Sarki on Lish

M Sarki with an interesting defense (I guess) of Gordon Lish at EWN. I found the intrigue here in Sarki, not in Lish (not so riveting to revisit the Carver thing). Not sure I’ve seen such reliance on another in judging an individual work. Sarki sends his poems to Lish via mail then gets a YES, NO, or SO SO written on the poem. Sarki writes:

But after so many years of working with him I pretty much have a feel for what he’ll like and what he won’t. I get mostly a Yes these days.


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February 6th, 2010 / 9:10 am

The Quarterly on Ebay

My pal Garett Strickland has just put up his collection of all of the issues of Lish’s The Quarterly for auction on ebay, along with bonus issues of 3rd Bed, New York Tyrant, Noon, and lots more. 40 Journals of experimental prose, all in one buy. Too rad.



Right now the auction is at $25. Give her a go.

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June 4th, 2009 / 1:39 pm

Tables of Contents for The Quarterly, issue 1 – 25

thanks,!  Click through to see all of them. Here’s a sample T.O.C. selected at random:


16 / Winter 1990

A Nace Page 2

Cecile Goding / The Big Dog 3
Gary Krist / Bone by Bone 8
Dom Leone / I Have a Stapler 21
Leon Rooke / Drivers 22
Jaquelyn Reingold / Freeze Tag 24
Sam Michel / The Naming 49
Patricia Lear / Solace 59
Richard Blanchard / Dear Miss Wright 105
Barbara Blewer / I Am Safe and Live at Home 106
Thomas Wooten / The Other Side, Radiant 118
Rolf Nelson / The Men on the Ground 123
Dawn Raffel / Table Talk 135
Hugh Kelleher / John, Barney, Van 138
J. R. Rodriguez / Eating the Father’s Penis 140
Lisa Wohl / Magnificat 143
Diane Williams / Four Fictions 152
Christine Schutt / Two Fictions 156
Sandra Stone / Soup of the Evening 160
Rick Bass / Susan 162
Tom Whalen / Murder Story 188
Peter Christopher / The Year of the Purchase 191

Another Nace Page 194

Cooper Esteban 195
David Kirby 205
John Allman 206
Marjorie Milligan 209
E. Ormsby 210
Bruce Beasley 213
Al Ortolani 217
Elizabeth Lerner 219
Lynne H. Decourcy 220
Jim Paul 221
Ansie Baird 222
Shahid Hoda 223
M. D. Stein 224
Maurice Eidelsberg 226
Blake Nelson 227
Gregory H. Johnson 228
Ray Halliday 229

One More Nace Page 230

Harold Bloom to Q 231
John S. P. Walker to Q 235
Jason Shinder to Q 236
Sharon Korshak to Q 238
Dom Leone to Q 239
William Myers to Q 242

The Last Nace Page 246

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December 24th, 2008 / 1:20 am

Elimae archives: the Bauman years

Everyone writing online now knows the presence of Elimae, currently under the magisterial editorialship of Cooper Renner.

Before Cooper there was the founding editor, Deron Bauman, who helmed the site from its launch in 1996 up to when he handed the reins over in 2004.

If you haven’t yet spent some time with Bauman’s archives, now is the time. Pretty much any even important language-driven writer considered massive now is lurking around, with full length stories and texts to be read for free.

Among them: Eugene Marten, Matthew Derby, Brian Evenson, Norman Lock, Brandon Hobson, Michael Ives, Michael Kimball, Stacey Levine, Eugene Lim, Gary Lutz, Peter Markus, David Ohle, Dawn Raffel, Shya Scanlon, Jane Unrue, Diane Williams, Derek White, etc. etc. etc. There is much greatness to be read.

It’s almost like a full free web edition of the Quarterly.

There are also essays on minimalism, Cormac McCarthy, there are in depth reviews of important books.

If there is any model for what an online magazine should strive for in terms of quality, this is it I think.

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November 12th, 2008 / 2:10 am