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One thing I’ve meant to do more frequently as an HTMLGIANT contributor is simply to post about books I love, especially ones that didn’t just come out, especially ones that don’t get flogged constantly here already.  I’ve got a mental list, but when there’s no publication date to which a post is tied… well, shit gets away.

But I read something in the past two weeks that absolutely got me by the throat, and I want to write about it: The Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley.  It came out in 1953 and I’d never heard of it until a few weeks ago.  I’ve rarely read a book that gnaws so thoroughly — and simultaneously — at the intellect and the viscera.


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September 28th, 2010 / 1:02 pm

5 unlike brain surgeries

1. Gary Lutz story.

14. Huxley on Huxley documentary. Too bad I live in Indiana and have a better chance of seeing a puma running a lemonade stand than seeing this film.

33. When you’re writing a kind of instinct comes into play. What you’re going to write is already out there in the darkness. It’s as if writing were something outside you, in a tangle of tenses: between writing and having written, having written and having to go on writing; between knowing and not knowing what it’s all about; starting from complete meaning, being submerged by it, and ending up meaninglessness. The image of a black block in the middle of the world isn’t far out.

7. Half the people I know I say “Indie” and they say “You mean vampire books?”

112. Anyway, Sabotage talks kill author #8.

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August 24th, 2010 / 3:51 pm

The Window of Perception Are The Doors To The Soul Or Something

I sort of want to start a band called Girls Looking At Puppies,
it would sound like Arthur Russell playing in a garbage can.


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June 22nd, 2010 / 6:44 pm

Pictures of Aldous Huxley touching his face, or with his hands extremely close to his face like he could touch his face at any moment


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May 3rd, 2009 / 3:09 am