fuck you

“Same Old Hat”

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March 12th, 2013 / 12:08 am


I just wrote & published one.

Any & all comments on this one, and sharing, is very appreciated. Also: what are some fuck you letters that come to mind? Any favorites?

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November 13th, 2010 / 5:28 am

all internet writers are fucking pussies and i could kick all of their asses

look around you.  is there a cat?  are you experiencing existential problems?  are you currently refreshing your network browser to see if that other disembodied internet person has furthered the argument about what surrealism is?  do you read the believer?  did you just laugh at a story on mc sweeneys about what it would be like if franz kafka had a little league team?  do your poems suck really hard? and are you a pretentious asswipe?  well then my friend, you are an internet writer.  wait now, hold on, put those really skinny arms down, i’m not looking to fight it out with someone who experiences depression on so grand a scale as yourself.  no doubt you’ve had it bad.  but seriously, fuck you.  you are passive, halfway philosophical, you write the same fucking autobiographical stories using the same contrived depression and angst and i could beat your fucking ass in a heartbeat.  that’s right, i’m not even going to continue intellectually.  i could kick all of your asses.  so close your macbook pro (and stop ripping on whoever, most likely dave eggers or john updike because i am sure they are weeping onto their keyboards and listening to bright eyes, cursing that “writerdude78” just called them a “sellout”) and email me your address so i can come to your house and beat your skull in with my hand.  i know this will alienate me further since like, or something, like physical violence is existentially fucked and like, you just want to write poems about being a pussy, and you can’t get hard anymore and you’re too busy defending someone else on their blog from a random commenter, like it even matters, but seriously, there is not one writer on the internet, with the exception of barry graham, who looks like he might be able to kick my ass, who i can’t fuck up.  i hate everyone.  the very idea of mean week is because you’re all pussies.  fuck you.  suck my cock.  stop being a neurotic pussy and write something that makes you want to throw up when you read it.

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October 13th, 2008 / 2:21 pm