August 6th, 2012 / 9:47 am
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9 straying summer tans

9. Laura Goldstein interview—lots about chapbooks here. Personally, I used to believe chapbooks were some form of stepping stone and it often works that way: lit mag/chapbook/book-book, etc., but now I am seeing more authors scatter in chapbooks throughout their writing lives…almost in the way flash fiction might break up a longer story collection. Anyway, Laura has some thoughts on said subject.

2. Got a hybrid, a novella, a bookie-wookie? Mud Luscious Press is open for submissions (Note: They have a reading fee.)

 3. Not a lot of gender questions but some—my favorite moment was at Reed College, which is super liberal and very academic and a little pressured because of that.  Great place, but a little pressured.  I read a story called “Debbieland” about junior high school girls beating up a girl and after, someone asked why I wrote about such broken women and girls. And as a woman, didn’t I feel a responsibility to write strong women? I loved it as a question because it sets me up so beautifully to contradict that assumption.  A perfect pitch to an eager bat.  Because who wants to write strong all the time? Or read strong?  Who is strong all the time

4. Wells Tower with a Mitt Romney (sort of—there’s other interesting tidbits, in the legacy of riding-on-the-bus journalism) profile:

5. The jury’s still out on whether Modernism exists, or whether it’s just a way of being snobbish about people like Orwell, who tends not to make the cut.

8. Elizabeth Bachner mashes us some Decadent sick/goodness. Beautiful writing.

Odds are I’m alive, but right now I don’t know whether I’m wrapped in animal or riding one. Either way I don’t know which kind of animal it is, or whether I can hold on, and if I don’t hold on will it still keep running? Maybe I’m not a monument to anything.

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  1. Frank Rodriguez

      Mud Luscious’ books are beautiful. Any recommendations re: which books to check out/where (no excerpts on Amazon) in order to judge whether one’s own work would be right to submit?

  2. leapsloth14

      First, their website, but I’d also think most of their authors have blogs or published work in lit mags with a certain sensibility. I’ve read many of their titles. They make a great book and the ones I’ve enjoyed have been hybrid, language intense.

  3. Jackson Nieuwland
  4. deadgod

      4.  Obedience toxicly spoiled into mere reflexes of responsibility.

      So presumptuous of privilege as not to recognize it.

      Piggybacking on four years of monkeys on posters at rallies, believing or pretending to believe in stupid shit so Tea Bedlamites uncomfortable with his cult will bother to vote at all.

      But, what with supply-side econocide, science denial, the war on women, an administration – and judiciary – of Rove/Cheney geniuses–who cares if this rancid bad-boss stooge is barely human??

  5. nemjiao 

  6. xihuan83