April 18th, 2013 / 12:38 pm
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A Novel by Harmony Korine

“This reissue is 100% identical to the original text and also 100% more awesome!”

Drag City has just re-issued Harmony Korine’s long out-of-print novel A Crackup at the Race Riots, first published in 1997.

On Letterman, back in 1997, Korine described it as “The Great American Choose Your Own Adventure Novel.”

Without giving too much away, I’ll say it behaves like a bumblebee. Notes of David Markson, Joe Brainard, and Kathy Acker can be detected. Also Andy Warhol and Andy Kaufman. But these flavors are also misleading. Both Tupac and MC Hammer make appearances. Not to mention a startling revelation about Jackson Pollock’s sexual proclivities.

I’ll soon be interviewing him about it for The Paris Review Daily, so be on the look out. I plan to ask him about the relationship between the book and his avant garde tap dancing movement.

Buy it from Amazon $12.89

But it from Drag City $18.00 / or $9.99 for PDF


  1. M. Kitchell

      this book was one of my favorite books in highschool & then i sold it for $90 on ebay at the peak of its out-of-print-ness. it’s very inspiring. i feel like there are high points of tangentiality between this book & SPRING BREAKERS. mccauley caulkin’s novel, JUNIOR, i once called an ‘official sequel” to this

  2. Christopher Higgs

      Holy cow! I didn’t know Caulkin wrote a book. Just looked it up and Publisher’s Weekly said: “This self-indulgently infantile book is a novel in only the loosest sense…. interminable bellyaching over the writing process, half-baked philosophical musing and go-nowhere overtures to a woman who no longer loves him…” — sounds awesome! I’m getting that right away. Thanks, Mike.

  3. Bobby Dixon

      I read this book on a greyhound from Sarasota to Tallahassee w/ multiple stops. I think there is no better way to go at this book.

  4. Brian Carr

      I seem to remember a page in this book that says only: Katherine Hepburn.

      Or was it audrey.

  5. kjtuyy

      fan 4 life

  6. Justin Sirois

      Man, stole 2 copies of this when I was 18 from B&N in Orlando. Felt like a KING that day. A KING. Still have one copy somewhere.