July 5th, 2011 / 8:28 pm
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Big Ray by Michael Kimball

Congratulations to Michael Kimball, author of Us, Dear Everybody and The Way The Family Got Away, because this: “I’m having a pretty great year so far and I feel really grateful for it. I don’t even know how to explain how grateful I feel. I’m so happy to announce that I just sold the world rights to a new novel, BIG RAY. It’s the story of a son coming to terms with the sudden death of his obese father. It’s told through 500 brief entries, moving back and forth between past and present, the father’s death and his life, between an abusive childhood and adult understanding. BIG RAY went to Kathy Belden at Bloomsbury USA, which will publish in Fall 2012, and Michael Fishwick at Bloomsbury UK, which will publish in Winter 2013.”

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  1. Matthew Simmons

      Love. Not just like.

  2. Dawn.

      Holy shit that is some amazing news.

  3. Scott mcclanahan

      Awesome.   Great.

  4. John Minichillo


  5. Leopoldbloom

      I’m sorry, but wasn’t that the book he just published?  You know, the “Then they took her.  I know why they took her.  I didn’t like why they took her.” book.

  6. herocious

      Keep riding the wave, bro.

  7. Your Guest

      why does it take 2.5 years to publish a fucking book? are the typesetting by hand with a blindfold on?

  8. Leopoldbloom

      Wait a minute, this almost sounds like a serious Tao Lin.  Everyone dies instead of getting “high” and naming their shoes after the “members” of Van Halen.

  9. c2k


  10. deadgod

      “‘members'” chronologically all-in or at a particular time

  11. Leopoldbloom

      Does more than one lead singer inhabit the stage for any given song?  Do we wear more than one pair of shoes at any given time?  I think you know what I mean.  Yes, both Diamond Dave and Sappy Sammy.   

  12. Your Guest

      2.5 = 2 1/2, dipshit

  13. Anonymous

      the kind of news that makes your chest swell with joypride. congrats, kimball! can’t wait for this.

  14. Anonymous

      the kind of news that makes your chest swell with joypride. congrats, kimball! can’t wait for this.

  15. hijinx

      The 2 is italicized. Calling your attention to that number specifically. Check your math.

  16. Joseph Riippi

      Way to go, Michael! Super happy about this.

  17. c2k

      By my calculations, as winter begins in late December, I take ‘Winter 2013’ to mean Jan.-Feb.(?) 2013, which is closer to one-and-one-half years from now (as opposed to two-and-one-half years). But your guest is as good as mine.

  18. Anonymous


  19. mobster chub

      Kill yourself

  20. Leopoldbloom

      Good reference to “Dear Everybody.”  Seriously though, no intention here to impugn how seriously Kimball obviously takes his craft.  He just seems, though, to be overhyped and one of those indie writers that people praise but don’t actually like to read.

  21. deadgod

      – and Wolfie?

  22. deadgod

      joke also told of Carl Palmer, et al.:

      Q:  Why does Alex have so many drums in his kit?

      A:  So he doesn’t miss.

  23. deadgod

      Your guest is practicing hand-crafted, blindfolded arithmetic.