November 30th, 2010 / 12:27 pm
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Cohen, Julia. Triggermoon, Triggermoon. [2010]

“Julia Cohen’s poems will knock you out with their fresh logics like some moon-governed dream… this collection is half in the world and half in the ‘non-world’ that ‘occasionally rolls over you,’ utterly grounded in the domestic and wildly transformative.” —Elizabeth Willis

“The poetics enacted in Triggermoon Triggermoon is rare in its exuberance and delicate humanity, its wistful acceptance of imperfection as the human condition, imperfection as a kind of pet we grow to love and depend upon. I have grown to love and depend upon this book.”—Bin Ramke

Available from Black Lawrence Press

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  1. deadgod

      Those blurbs are enticing, and the publisher’s page for the book is attractively laid-out, but what does Higgs think of the poems?