May 1st, 2012 / 10:59 pm
Author News & Snippets

Okay, so Derrick Rose will maybe never again play basketball like such a firefly, but that doesn’t mean you should stop believing in the triumph of the canny and soulful: for example, friend of the GIANT Heather Christle has won The Believer‘s 2011 Poetry Award for her book The Trees The Trees. Congratulations, Heather!


  1. Matt Rowan

      Oh geez, the last thing I expected was salt in my sports-loving wounds on HTMLgiant. Thank you, Mike Young, for precisely nothing at all! 

  2. Arthur Guess

      I am reading this book for the first time. I am liking this book.

  3. Mike Young

      Heather’s book will make you okay, Matt, I swear it’s true. It will even do it without making you Okay Matt, a more meh version of yourself, which is what most books do to people.

  4. Scott Riley Irvine

      Very well deserved. 

  5. Mike James

      Yeah, that book is dope.

  6. Adam Robinson


  7. Scott McClanahan

      I want to hear that tarmac poem.

  8. lily hoang

      Don’t go dissing on the Spurs, Mike Young. 

  9. Matt Rowan

      I’m just worried about D-Rose, ya know? I feel the sports-fan equivalent of smote.