April 5th, 2011 / 11:26 am
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So happy for Blake and this book, as its presences will be felt. I love this book and I love Blake, so get your hands on this now.

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  1. goner

      I started reading this over the weekend and so far it’s really good. I’m on a six-hour flight tomorrow morning so I’m happy that I now have something other than Dean Koontz to keep me entertained.

  2. Carolyn DeCarlo

      “a world of scare”

  3. stefan michael

      A blurb by Ben Marcus? Done deal, just ordered.

  4. Mike Young

      three cheers!

  5. davidpeak


      carried the bag back to work. it is raining. it felt significant.

  6. goner

      Also: I’d like to point out that the design of this book is fantastic. It’s one of those books that’s nice to hold in your hands and look at.

  7. alexisorgera

      yay!! just ordered!

  8. Gavin St. Ours

      Got my copy! Ready to dive in!

  9. Elizabethellen

      ben marcus also blurbed james franco’s book. not that this is an indication of anything. just thought you might wanna add it to your ben marcus blurbed list of books.

  10. Deckfight

      got it. it’s great. “a scary world”

  11. Roxane

      The French flaps are just such a thrill.

  12. Casey

      Aw man French flaps, anyway from my galley (flapless, I did order two more) I just blurbed something on Fanzine http://www.thefanzine.com/blog/item/646. But am working to do a longer, archived main part of Fanzine review. Great book! When I read Michael Miller’s piece in The New York Observer I didn’t know htmlgiant and the book were conceived at basically the same time. Here’s to some great fruition for Blake! Yeah the earth did shake, backyard all fucked up with a tree spanning two yards I noticed today.

  13. Alex

      One of my flaps is ripped halfway off, but I guess that’s what I get for ordering from Amazon. Other than that, it’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to dive in.

  14. Billysauce

      I was unable to not read the book while I was reading the book, at least for the duration of the booksection that I read.

  15. nick

      request a replacement. they’re usually good about that sort of thing.

  16. Carolyn DeCarlo

      LOVE french flaps :)

  17. Pontius J. LaBar

      I picked up a copy last night at Booksmith in the Upper Haight. They had it displayed cover-out on a shelf near the register.

      The book’s much larger (and much more gray-toned) than I thought it would be. I keep checking my fingers for that toner smudge, expecting to see residue. This is not dissimilar to the effect the writing has on me, too. Inexplicable transfer.