April 24th, 2013 / 1:37 pm
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You Need I Feel YES by Nick Sturm


I Feel YES
by Nick Sturm

32 pages, soft cover, stapled
$5 (First Class postage paid)
Forklift, Ohio

It’s a chapbook. It’s one long poem. It’s freaking awesome.

It’s in a baggie because the lettering is made out of lemonade. It’s made out of lemonade because lemonade is an important element in the poem.

Listen to him read the entire thing here.

Get it before it’s sold out!!!


  1. benmirov

      like a baggie full of drugs

  2. shaun gannon

      Lemonade? i’m in.

  3. Beach Sloth

      Christopher Higgs, I wish you could be on HTML Giant all the time.

  4. leapsloth14

      I’ve seen it read aloud and it did glow.

  5. traynor

      I forwarded this to a friend so he could see what’s going on in contemporary indie poetry. I recently tried describing it to him: the desperation for the appearance of freshness as poets try to capture people’s attention and some kind of cultural relevance in a field that exists exclusively for those actively engaged in its creation. I told him it was like ham radio operators jacking off together over their radios, and how it’s cute and kind of creepy too. This was very timely. Chapbook. Baggie. Lemonade. Stapled. Before it’s sold out!!!

  6. Michael Martin

      I tried to thumb up and thumb down this comment at the same time but it wouldn’t let it. Wack. You speak truth man. Poetry can still kick ass though, though shit has to change, immediately. (Not clownin Sturm at all, just sayin).

  7. melontrout

      I hate-bought this immediately.