May 16th, 2011 / 11:28 am
Author Spotlight & Random

21 bottled ducks


What writers do you admire?

Any writer who doesn’t commit suicide, I guess.



4. The first issue of Stoked is here! Amber Sparks, Brian Oliu, Daniel Bailey, J.A. Tyler, Mike Young, Ryan Ridge, and Sarah Carson, as well as reprinting of stories by Roxane Gay (originally published in Gargoyle 56) and Matt Bell (originally in Drexel Online Journal). Hey now!

22. The number played in roulette, Casablanca.

14. LSU Press drops a new Hemingway craft book.

Art Matters shows exactly how Hemingway’s craft functions and argues persuasively for the importance of studies of articulated technique to any meaningful understanding of fiction and literary history.

I have the urge to read this book. And also to vomit. I might go ahead and do both.

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  1. 'Guillaume Morissette'

      that first thing quotes me, just lost my htmlgiant virginity I guess.

  2. Daniel Bailey

       here’s a link for stoked:

  3. deadgod

      Your answer to the question platformed at this blogicle seemed to me like the answer to ‘what person (who happens to be a writer) do you admire?’.

      I guess, from the scare-quotedness of your blogonym, that two writers whose writing you admire (or ironically-not) are Apollinaire and Alannis.

      – but I guess many facts neither in evidence nor reality.

      [PS  Sean, why are the Q & A at 1. separately linked to the same site? just to increase hits at that site? and I’m reborn every minute?]

  4. Anonymous

  5. Sean

       Answer: Cause I’m old.

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  11. Theficstructor

       I like that video. Thank you.