June 13th, 2013 / 9:00 am
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5 Points: Happy Rock

happy rock

Happy Rock by Matthew Simmons (Dark Coast Press)









—  do you like Mothers exploding?

—  hopeful suicides?

He produced a rope of fake pearls. They cinched them under her breasts, coiled them around her neck.

Marie said: “This seems wrong, though. I don’t like being tied.”

Eugene agreed, and they never used the pearls around neck or over her wrists, or around her ankles again.


. . .Eugene barely hears the phone ring. But it rings. On the roof, Eugene is laying down sod. He lays it over the shingles. He has a bucket of worms. He lays down the sod and sprinkles it with worms.

—  Blood dried in a Rush groove? (just a drop. a single rose drop)

—  Smashed-up windows falling like snow & crunched underfoot (the highlight of yr life)?

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One Comment

  1. Matthew Simmons

      Most Rush records are covered with dried blood.

      Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the album Clockwork Angels.