April 6th, 2012 / 10:06 pm
Author Spotlight

“A little dispirited”: a eulogy for 2011


  1. Vomithelmet McGee

      I have to write a comment because I don’t “like” this, I felt faint reading it and it relieved some despair and it was gross too. Anyway, it’s impressive.

  2. mimi

      ASH HAIR

  3. Molly Brodak

      awesome so good

  4. lorian long

      holy fucks what is this

  5. Ponsford McQuain


  6. deadgod
  7. mimi

      damn, deaders, thanks, intense, will give this a few close readings  

      und auch giebt es mir ein Chance to practice mein Deutsch von Gymnasium  

      vielen Dank!

  8. Matt Zbrog

      woah.  nice!

  9. Anonymous

      love the collage work

  10. Mat Gleason

      How’m I ‘post ta sell this if you’re givin’ it away for free on the internet?

  11. Tati Luboviski-Acosta
  12. mimi

      15-hours-post-script, please to note: no disrespect intended toward you, deaders, or to celan’s beautiful, deeply moving poem, via the goofiness of my lame high school Deutsch remark – again, thanks

  13. deadgod

      Celan becomes indispensable to most who read him.  If you’ve not, yet, then Hamburger’s Selected Poems is maybe the most useful place to start — more copious than any other single book I’ve seen in English, and printed bilingually in the practical way (Deutsch and English pages facing each other)–the better for us Hochschule Germanists to crib from.

      Oddly, Celan backed away from Death Fugue as it became popularish.  He found it – as I understand him – to be too theatrical, or maybe just too obvious, in its refraction of “Deutschland”.  I think he wrote poetry differently – more fractured, more piercing and monstrous, (to me) better – in reaction to the fairly rapid approval of Death Fugue.

      Absolutely scarcely on the topic of the notebook images of this blogicle, I was reading reaction to this charming commentary – http://takimag.com/article/the_talk_nonblack_version_john_derbyshire#axzz1rSn4JMpN – and I came across this bit of hilarity:  http://www.jest.com/video/165065/porn-stars-against-santorum .  Happy Eastertide!

  14. mimi

      looking forward to checking out the Hamburger – the internet tells me two copies ‘on shelf’ at downtown berkeley public library waiting for me to come and find

      derbyshire article – um, erm, makes me squirm

      santorum (ew) vs. pornstars (mmm) – no comment   

      mille grazie!  

      Chag Sameach, חג שמח, shalom, gesund! and all that  

      : )

  15. M. Kitchell

      you guys need to meet, you’d love one another

  16. Anonymous

      really like seeing snow-headed doe with tits bathing in roses and pearls

  17. Tati Luboviski-Acosta

      i think i need to meet everyone 

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