September 4th, 2009 / 2:00 pm
Author Spotlight

Happy Birthday, Julia Cohen!!!!


Dear Internet, it’s poet and blogger extraordinaire Julia Cohen‘s birthday today. How old is she turning? Not the issue. What’s important is that this is an opportunity to remember why we love Julia, and to avail ourselves of her work. We can read her poems at Web Conjunctions, Sawbuck, and Pilot.  (We can find more links via her blog.) If we want to get her a present, we could buy one of her chapbooks- The History of a Lake Never Drowns, or, if we’re big spenders, When We Broke the Microscope (a collaboration with Mathias Svalina). We could also leave comments on her blog about how much we’re looking forward to the five–five–chapbooks she’s got forthcoming, including For the H in Ghost, which I single out here because I read it (or some version of it) in manuscript, and so am excited for all of you to discover it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES.



  1. Ken Baumann

      Happy Birthday, Julia!

  2. Ken Baumann

      Happy Birthday, Julia!

  3. HTMLGIANT / It’s a Narwhal!

      […] Yesterday’s birthday girl Julia Cohen wasn’t the only birthday girl this week, apparently. Adele Cecilia was born Thursday in Fayetteville, Arkansas unto Katy & Matthew Henriksen, the inimitable wife-husband team responsible for Typo, Cannibal, Narwhal, The Frank Stanford Literary Festival, and the Burning Chair Series. Facebook’s being a punk right now, but later when it stops, there are pictures of the happy baby and proud parents on Matt’s page. Big internet hug to all 3 of you. […]