August 23rd, 2011 / 5:08 pm
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Just Fishing

Where are the serious glow Richard Brautigan scholarship texts? The contemplative biography, the critical one, the highbrow, the wrong one, the near-right one, the way-2-academic one, the lazy-as-loon one, the tell-all, etc. Don’t you feel a fucking void? No, no, don’t dare whisper memoirs by his so-called “friend” (Don’t get me started—whole different post) or his daughter dear. Where. Are. They? Lead me. Tell me real. [I am looking forward to this. Maybe it will unruffle me.]

 Do I need to write the damn thing? (Or you?) Maybe.



  1. stephen

      i like Brautigan. sounds like he had an interesting life, i would read a biography.

  2. keebler

      Richard Brautigan : essays on the writings and life / edited by John F. Barber. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2007.

  3. cameron pierce

      It would also be nice if some of his out of print books came back into print.

      I got a chance to see the Brautigan Library (inspired by the library in The Abortion) in January. It was part of a temporary Brautigan exhibit in Vancouver, WA. It was super rad.

  4. Christopher Higgs

      I just did a little looking…it appears that scholarly stuff exists, but for the most part happened in the 70s-80s and then disappeared.  I love Brautigan, and would gladly co-write a scholarly book about him and his work with you, Sean, if you want to do it get in touch with me, for real.

      At any rate, here’s what I found:

      In addition to the selection keebler notes above, John F. Barber published an anotated bibliography with McFarland Publishing in 1990.

      Marc Chénetier wrote a monograph on B. published by Methuen in 1983.

      Jay Boyer published a monograph on B. with Boise State University Press in 1987.

      Edward Halsey Foster published a monograph on B. with Twayne Publishers in 1983.

      Terence Malley published a monograph on B. with Warner Paperback in 1972.

      According to JSTOR, there appear to be only two published papers on B. (of course, if you got a hold of Barber’s annotated bib. I’m sure there’s more):

      “Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America: Notes of a Native Son” by William L. Stull American Literature, Vol. 56, No. 1 (Mar., 1984), pp. 68-80

      “Richard Brautigan’s Search for Control over Death” by Brooke Horvath American Literature, Vol. 57, No. 3 (Oct., 1985), pp. 434-455

  5. Leapsloth14

      Any of these in print?

  6. Christopher Higgs

      hmmm, that I don’t know.  FSU library has all but the Malley book.  Maybe/probably Ball State library holds them?  

  7. Scottmcclanahan

      Great post.

  8. keebler

      Also found a dissertation/biography from 2007, Claremont Graduate University, CA by one Jerry Giddens entitled “Brautigan, Richard: A literary and cultural biography” fal…so I spoze there could be a bio coming if a publisher picked it up.

  9. Leapsloth14


      I certainly have the interest in a Brautigan book (or several) and, oddly, most likely have the access to funds for such a project. So maybe we can talk bizzness. Since we are talking business, let’s get off a comment thread. Email me ( and let’s discuss. I have ideas, you probably have better ones, so we’ll end up with good ideas. 

  10. Russ

      I want to read the product of this thread.

  11. Seymour Blake

      I saw this picture and my heart stopped beating for a second and I thought, “I wasn’t expecting to see Mr. Brautigan, but there he is!”

      I’m glad you wrote this little thing. Made my night… which is kind of sad. But maybe not?

  12. Anonymous

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