January 2nd, 2013 / 5:50 pm
Author Spotlight & Snippets

Mark Baumer tried to get funds on Kickstarter to write 50 books in one year. It didn’t get funded. He’s writing them anyway and releasing them one at a time. You can read them online and you can buy them. I love Mark Baumer.


  1. Michael J Seidlinger


  2. A D Jameson

      This may not be true, and I can’t find anything at the moment to confirm it, but I heard from a film critic friend that some Hollywood studio offered Takashi Miike something like $30 million to make a film. And Miike replied, “I’ll take the $30 million, but I want to make 30 $1 million films.” And the studio declined that offer, and nothing came of it. Alas.

  3. Scott Riley Irvine

      I think I’m going to like “I Thought My Butt Was Dry But It Wasn’t” the best.

  4. Taylor Napolsky

      I remember watching his vid a year ago. It cracked me up.

  5. Mark C

      I might buy the one titled “The Books Keep Getting Worse and Worse”

  6. mimi

      my favorite is ‘the soft cheese that had a cold heart’

  7. Richard Grayson

      He might have done better if he tried to raise money to write one book in fifty years.

  8. reynard

      i hope ‘the remote control inside my ability to love’ is about fried chicken

  9. Michael Martin

      For real.

  10. Trey

      a long time ago I decided that if I’m ever in a band I want it to be called Mark Baumer and the Ovanoods

  11. Trey

      also I would like to purchase physical copies of these books when they’re all done and then display them all on my wall so that I can have a giant mark baumer facewall.