February 10th, 2010 / 2:24 pm
Author Spotlight

New From Peter Schwartz: Old Men, Girls, and Monsters

The very prolific, always charming Peter Schwartz has a chapbook now available from the Achilles Chapbook Series, entitled Old Men, Girls and Monsters.

His fine writing has been blurbed:

“Restless and visceral — the poems in Old Men, Girls, and Monsters howl like prisoners in dark cages as they mutate one’s perception of reality from under their bandages and punctured-origami fragility. An intensely gripping collection.”

-Arlene Ang

“The suffering which permeates this meticulously constructed collection of remembrances is truly haunting.  Schwartz creates an unearthly world where one is embraced by the experience of wounding: if it hurts you, be glad that you can still feel.”

-Alexis Apfelbaum

“Peter Schwartz’s poems collect our hard-won confessions, our fragile constructions, our temporary homes and our more permanent losses, but not for the purpose of hoarding them away. Instead, Schwartz organizes these obsessions into new structures–complex and beautiful poems–inviting us to experience their transformations. He writes ‘I’ve always had a certain love for exits,’ and yet, what do we have here? Nothing more or less than a collection of intricate entrances, doorways through which to come in together, as celebrants, as mourners, as readers.”

-Matt Bell, Author of How They Were Found

An excerpt from the poem Exit Signs:

I’ve always had a certain love for exits

you see a permanent immigrant to more bachelorhood

than strictly necessary, me giving in

to the pollution like weak tea, me as chops and

giant blocks, a paperboy with the taste of ashes

in his friendly fingers or a

reporter with no news, a robot of light

bicycling backwards from the gravity, shirt off

set to kill the haze: I see

exits everywhere, library or restaurant

hospital or airport, roads already tilting towards their

sequels, regeneration in a

black hole, reversed dollars, missing owls

I’m your meaty amnesia, your continuous

last chance, your fire escape:

your super crutch.

Old Men, Girls, and Monsters is available now. Go here to buy. You won’t regret it.

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