April 24th, 2012 / 1:01 pm

Giveaway of Daniel Bailey’s Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf

I have an extra copy or two of Daniel Bailey’s brand new and very excellent Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf, now out from Mammoth Editions. Leave a comment and I’ll randomly select a winner to receive.

“I don’t know how many poets could write a book bringing together meth, Barney, racecars, black metal, God, and the Lakers in one massive feral hymn, but Daniel Bailey is the only one I’d trust. Water into wine is fine but this man can do it to dogshit. Hallelujah Giant Space Wolf is hilarious and true and beautiful. Hail holy spazzlord Bailey.” —Blake Butler

“If Daniel Bailey’s poems were people, they would be the kind of people that you love to get drunk with but you’re always a little afraid that they might try to slit your throat. When you tell them about Emily Dickinson feeling the top of her head come off, they reach for a saw. Still, you can’t help but love them. They’re a blast! They’re always a step away from going to jail or running into your parents or causing you to rearrange the furniture in your loneliest apartment. Daniel Bailey’s poem-people are in a gang called The Space Wolves and they are really, really excited about learning something from this terrible, amazing, gigantic world, even if that means that we’ll need a mop for all of the blood.” —Peter Davis, author of Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!


    1. shaun gannon

        don’t pick this comment, i already have the book

    2. Elina Vaysbeyn

        I want! Pick this commennt!

    3. Michael Filippone

        Pick me!

    4. M. Kitchell

        donkey dick

    5. Anonymous

        What an awesome fucking title!

    6. Frank Tas, the Raptor

        I miss contests!

    7. Ty

        sounds COOL

    8. Ben Roylance

        Hi I’ll have a copy if you pick me, makes sense. Loved the drunk things. This looks good.

    9. Anonymous

        pick me, oh plick me, shpick knees, stickney, lick smee, dickney, locksley!!!!

    10. Logan Fry


    11. Daniel Bailey

        what is it about?

    12. Tyler Crumrine

        It would be cool to read this book.

    13. shaun gannon

        blake pick dan

    14. Jason Pete

        Sounds interesting. 

    15. Jeremy Bauer

        this book’s suuuuuuuuuuper great! it’ll put a ghost in dat dick and a beer in
        that ghost’s dick.don’t pick me, i already have it. 
        just wanted to hype.

    16. Bradley Sands


    17. Alan Dubinsky

        “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

    18. Anonymous


    19. Bobby Dixon
    20. Banango

        i read some daniel bailey before and it was really good

    21. Nandikesha Jungwirth

        poems are people, poems are people!

    22. Trey

        so many dicks in this comment thread. here are some more:

        dick me, dick me!

    23. Sean Kauffman

        slip slop

    24. Sarah Cunningham


    25. patrick

        All giant space wolves should be named Hallelujah

    26. Anonymous

         R.I.P. O.D.B.

    27. Raekwona LePique


    28. Shannon

        Pick this comment. It is awesome.

    29. Mike James

        I just ate The Box combo from Canes. And then I got a medium pizza and I ate half of that. I smoked a little. See what happens kids?

    30. Luke Weldon


    31. Luke Weldon


    32. Buck Wilkins

        I would appreciate another Blake Butler-approved book to read.

    33. werdfert

        space wolves sound good

    34. Brandon Kreitler

        OK I’ll take it.

    35. leapsloth14

        send me that fucking book you fuck oh never mind

    36. mimi

        gosh, i won the last (ken baumann’s) random give-away . . . what are the oddz???

    37. Alex Watson

        (⊙__⊙ )

    38. bg
    39. Scott Riley Irvine


    40. Vomithelmet McGee

        I would like some poems too

    41. August Smith

        Please? :/

    42. blake butler

        werdfert, you were selected randomly as the winner, please mail your address to blake at htmlgiant dot come

    43. Barrett White

        The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist’s Bride

        “Sugar and spice,” Lamia says. She efficiently plucks the ….
        contentedly slurping away on her strawberry milkshake. Because he wasn’t
        ready to ….. It’s reasonable to assume you’re maybe not a zero on the
        Kinsey scale.” “Oh fuck you,” Dean …

    44. Cassandra Troyan

        I love the space wolf. I want to ride in one’s mouth too. 

    45. leapsloth14

        Just ordered. Tx.

    46. Adam Onster

        I might be too late. I’ll have to remember this one (the title helps) . . .

    47. Amy Marco

        Is this contest already over? I loved the Drunk Sonnets and can’t wait to get my hands on this one