August 14th, 2014 / 11:21 am

THOUGHT CONTEST: Which artists do you suddenly randomly care about?

On the way back from buying an overpriced kombucha drink because I was concerned about my daily green intake, I did two things:

1) thought of and executed the tweet “I put a bottle of kombucha next to a tree and the tree got very offended.”

2) thought “I wonder what Charlie Kaufman is working on,” then thought “Hmm, there’s a very short list of artists/filmmakers/poets/writers whose current projects I randomly get curious about out of the blue. It doesn’t mean they’re my favorites. Actually I don’t know what it means.”

CONTEST: Which artists/filmmakers/poets/writers/musicians/c’monyouknowit’s
allthesamething do you get randomly curious about?

Like you think out of nowhere, “Hmm, I wonder what ______ ______ is working on.”

Tell us in the comments. A winner will be selected at random and will win any book they want under $25 from Small Press Distribution.

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  1. Quincy Rhoads

      I was listening to Pelican’s City of Echoes yesterday and thought, man, I wonder what these bros are doing now.

  2. Rauan Klassnik

      I often wonder about and yearn for what the lead singer of Big Country’s up to. but, he was found hanging in a closet in Hawaii quite a few years ago.

  3. Juliahjackson

      Miranda July.

  4. deadgod

      Occasionally wonder if Cormac McCarthy is at that moment writing his rumored Cordoban translator of Aristotle from Arabic to Latin / gender re-assignment / Mayan seafarer whodunit. GET CRACKIN BRO

  5. M. Kitchell

      Yesterday this happened to me with Carla Bozulich, whom I was pleased to discover had returned to recording under the name Evangelista & had put out a new album. I feel like this happens more for me with bands/musicians because I don’t keep up with them in the same way that I do with Writers/Filmmakers/Fine Artists. Though, realistically, this also happened a couple months ago when I had the thought, “I wonder if that French dude that directed Martyrs has made a new movie yet.” He has, it was good.

  6. Sarah

      David Bowie. Laura from Family Matters.

  7. Bobby Dixon

      His papers inventory an eleventh, unpublished novel

  8. Bobby Dixon

      -neil smith, who seemed to have a second book on the horizon, but this horizon never showed

  9. Jeremy Hopkins

      I wonder what Virgil is doing, now that he’s back in the fires of Hell.

  10. Quincy Rhoads

      Prob. hanging with the other virtuous pagans and unbaptized babies. Y’know, the uze.

  11. JosephYoung

      Hmm, I wonder what my neighbor is working on. His front yard is a beautiful flower bed. His inside-house is like a hotel room. He’s a probate lawyer. But I wonder what he’s *working* on.

  12. E.A. Beeson

      Rodrigo Fresan

  13. mimi

      better than the “what deadgod’s next comment’s gonna be” that i came up with


  14. mimi

      creepily timely

      : (

  15. krysbeau

      I’m not properly prepared to outlive Willie Nelson.

  16. Don't Call Me Here

      Vanessa Veselka. Keep waiting to hear about a follow up novel to Zazen.

  17. Mike Young

      congratulations E.A. Beeson!! you have won this random contest!! and in so winning, you have caused me to look up Rodrigo Fresan, whom i did not know!! pretty sweet!! lemme know which book from Small Press Distribution ( under $25 you would like =D

      also you should lemme know by emailing me at mikeayoung – at – gmail – dot – com because you should also tell me where to send it!