December 14th, 2010 / 4:05 pm
Craft Notes

Kimora Lee on Writing

“I am anorexic.”

“After  I had my babies I was thick.”

“I’m the boss. I don’t need the money. I’m filthy fucking rich!”

“My life is very—big!

“Tell Deebo to bring me my supplements!”

“She felt my titty!”

“It’s a state of being.”

“I will beat a bitch’s ass!

“Let me take off my glasses…I want you to see my eyes. I will beat a bitch’s ass!”

“I’m a girl’s girl. I’m a woman’s woman. I’m a cool girl. I’m not a bitch. There’s a difference. And the girls that try to take him are bitches. And I know every one of them in my mind.”

“I wear fur and if somebody throws shit on me I’m gonna whup your ass! I wish somebody would throw shit on me.”

“I seen your titty, but I haven’t seen you.”

“Literally. Literally…I will drag a bitch—drag her through this dirt, literally.”

“We are going to kick his ass and eat his leg.”



  1. Owen Kaelin

      Ooh. If this girl were Irish, my Mom would love her.

  2. mjm

      Why is it when I saw the post author’s name I saw Kim Kardashian and was like, “No way!” With a bit of “Cool”.

  3. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      This is one of my favorite “on writing” thingies yet. I like this picture of Kimora b/c she looks esp. like JuJuBee:

  4. Owen Kaelin

      Hah! That’s awesome, Tim.