December 8th, 2010 / 1:59 pm
Craft Notes

Mark David Chapman on Writing

“I just shot John Lennon.”



  1. Topher

      How Edgy.

  2. goner
  3. M Kitchell


  4. Tim

      Everyone knows Stephen King shot John Lennon.

  5. stephen

      I’m so alt I put my socks on over my shoes.

  6. Jonny Ross

      Saw someone tweeted “30 years ago today rock and roll literally died” and made me want to punch the internet.

  7. thad

      why. seems like a legitimate claim. the beatles aren’t all there is to rock and roll, but they’re certainly the most important part of it.

  8. Gian

      He edited Lennon’s life. He could tell that the story was finished being told.

      No disrespect to Lennon. He’s the fucking man.

  9. thad

      then what a fucking terrible editor.
      I don’t know about this thread. makes me feel sick.
      Lennon did great things in the world, and this fame seeking psycho took him away from us.

  10. chris

      It’s my 30th birthday today. Just sayin.

  11. M Kitchell


  12. thad


      Maybe I should say instead, the beatles are the most important band in the history of music, and they made a lot of rock and roll music.

  13. thad


      Maybe I should say instead, the beatles are the most important band in the history of music, and they made a lot of rock and roll music.

  14. Aerica

      Many insensitive cigarette smokers pollute the atmosphere. The sensations they do feel are centered in the bronchi, and when the tissue threatens to give way, the terror invades consciousness, the victim realizing he is trapped, his own worst enemy, and not able to be saved. At this point, suicide looks pretty good. Suicide is a very daunting prospect. John Lennon was touched with talent as a witch. He chose to resolve his dilemma of smoking by calling down an angel, Vesta, to free him with probity, by means of the song, “Beautiful Boy.” They call me ‘boy’, and I do not wish to be called that. At this point in this myth, we must remember that all pronouns used here are synthetic. Once I transfer motives to others, and insert nonexistent, plausible events, this version works. It fits the facts just as well as the official version. In fact, official versions of things appear to lack an explanation of who is to gain. Thanks go out to Mark D. Chapman for not shooting Yoko Ono. What if Sean had been there and got it in the head at age five? Don’t you read?!! Or do you just consume? “There’s people starving back in China, so finish what you got.”

  15. Sbillinghurst

      I’d hate to tell you about critics, but John had plenty to say. I’m looking for what Mark wrote— can’t find it here. No, son, you mixed up your metaphors. A PSYCHO can’t have a motive. He cannot be said to intend to do anything, so how is he supposed to have been both psycho and rational? I’m your biggest fan, Thaddeus. Yes, the logic is weak, but the medicine is Patooie! It’s the law. Learn it, practice it, live it. Maybe you won’t—ha ha ha—get shot. Peace off.

  16. Elias Van Son

      I worked for 3.5 years at the prison where Mark David Chapman resides and I can tell you that he is not a “psycho.”  He was, and still is, an obsessed fan of John Lennon and his music.  Beatles posters line the walls of his cell.  He cooks food for the corrections officers.  He reads books.