December 23rd, 2010 / 2:02 am
Craft Notes

The Stuhlhockerbank on Writing

Designed by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz

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  1. Owen Kaelin

      Hell, this stuff is so, so cool. I want one of these, too.

  2. Jurgen

      what is a kraud chair?

  3. deadgod


      florm flollows flunction

      deform deflowers defunction

      formulation fululates fluctuation

  4. reynard seifert

      their ‘brand’ is called ‘kraud’ so

  5. mimi
  6. Jurgen

      oh i see

  7. reynard seifert

      i feel like burroughs would roll around naked on these things the way a seal might play with a corpse

  8. Owen Kaelin

      deadgod, you’re just two steps away from Flarf, methinks.

  9. deadgod

      flhat flon flearth flar flou flalking flabout??

  10. Owen Kaelin

      I was only joking.

      Look up Flarf on Wiki for a quick reference.

      I admit it’s not actually comparable… hence the two steps. My point was you have this puzzling proclivity and affection for nonsensical compositional progressions which are sort of… well… confounding, even for somebody as strange as me… .

      Note that this behavior is not at all alien to me: I’ve known people (well, two to be precise) with just that sort of addiction. So… I’m not totally unsympathetic.

      But there is a cure… if you’re looking for it?

      (Joking, again.)

  11. Owen Kaelin

      Oh my fucking comfort . . . I love those things, Mimi.

      I bet you’re a fan of Dorothea Tanning’s soft-furniture, as well? Cool stuff.

  12. mimi

      burroughs ‘n’ me both

  13. mimi

      Owen –
      I am as yet unfamiliar with Tanning’s soft-furniture – will wiki.
      I recently saw one of the Kusama chairs in a show, Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists, 1958 – 1968, at the Brooklyn Museum.
      And I have long been a fan of Annette Messager’s dead birds in little hand-knit sweaters :