Vonnegut Gives a Free Creative Writing Lesson From the Grave

Posted by @ 12:15 pm on April 13th, 2011

I suggest all you Harper’s/New Yorker haters get on Lewis Lapham’s Quaterly boat. Personally, I can’t believe I’ve been out to sea so long since parting ways with The Believer, although I do still find myself running fuzzy fingers sidelong across her stilted bow anytime I see one in port.

Anyway, so umm… O yeah click of his graph for Vonnegut’s writing lesson, in which he compares the plight & plot of protagonists in popular books, film & teevee, to that of Cinderella, Gregor Samsa & the kingshit himself, Hamlet.

This from the Spring 2010 issue of Lapham’s, “Arts & Letters” which is up for their first National Magazine Award.

Also if you are still interested here is an awesome essay called “Why I Stopped Hating Shakespeare” by James Baldwin, whose “Sonny’s Blues” I read in the same issue of Lapham’s and there is so much more brainfood in there. And they have a great website and a podcast. It’s all good, guys, really, I’m telling you, please take the time to read more than a blog post that really contains more or less mostly the watered down ideas Lapham’s delivers straight from the source; these guys are really motherfucking goddamn smart.

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