May 16th, 2011 / 12:18 pm

Gigantic Issue #3 Launch

New York City’s consistently innovative print/online journal Gigantic is launching its third issue (Gigantic Indoors) in Brooklyn on Friday 8-4:30 AM. Beer’d by Brooklyn Brewery, “live performance and installation by Newvillager,” and on the Williamsburg Waterfront (!)–all the trappings of a Williamsburg soiree (what my parents used to call a “function” or “gala”) without the constant discomfort and guilt. “Our people” don’t often throw such massive events on this side of the borough, so take advantage, please. Readers include: Chloe Cooper Jones, Joshua Cohen, Lauren Spohrer and John Dermot Woods. Admission is free for subscribers, and $10 for non-subscribers. Please RSVP here, on the Facebook. Attractive people will not receive free admission simply because they are attractive, easing the resentment that their less attractive friends already feel toward them.


  1. Jamieiredell

       someone should send me a million dollars so that I can spend 300 of it on a flight to this, and 999,700 of it on living

  2. Lincoln Michel

       Thanks for the shout out Alec! Just a note: 10 dollar entrance fee gives you a free copy of the new Gigantic (estimated 7 dollar value) and, for an unlimited time, cheap beer courtesy of Brooklyn brewery. 

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