July 15th, 2012 / 2:42 pm
I Like __ A Lot

Joshua Cohen’s Four New Messages

More info here. The book is good, very very good. Buy it.



  1. marshall mallicoat

      that’s the guy from girls.

  2. lily hoang


  3. marshall mallicoat

      i feel confused by book trailers that are like “theatrical adaptions” of plots and characters from the book.

      to me, they still feel like trailers for MOVIES, not trailers for BOOKS. after i watch one i like, i want to watch the MOVIE that the trailer refers to. i don’t really feel particularly interested in the BOOK.

      but the movie doesn’t exist. it’s only a “virtual” or “imaginary” movie, or something.

      book trailers like this seems sort of “unseemly” and “counter-productive” to me. (this maybe has to do with the idea of a trailer being directly imported from the context of a movie to the context of a book. it doesn’t seem like the “natural” way to “promote” or “showcase” a book.)

      i really want to watch this movie about RICHARD MONOMIAN the DRUG DEALER played by that guy from girls, tho.

  4. Bobby Dixon
  5. jonathan peter

      I am too old.  And, if I am to be perfectly honest, afraid of what comes next. 


      Maybe you lack imagination… you can see the movie in your head by reading the book, right?

  7. postitbreakup

      i was so hoping that this meant my current hbo boyfriend adam driver was in the video

  8. postitbreakup

      people (god especially elem. school teachers) always say stuff like that; i guess maybe i’m not very visual or something but reading never makes me feel like i’m watching a movie unless i am confused by something and try to visualize it; usually reading is a lot more like listening to an audiobook 


      I don’t know. I just figured people have the ability to see what they want to see. Maybe that’s why my writing doesn’t really work for most people. I guess people don’t read the same way I read.

  10. Tom Beshear

      No worries — the video mainly depicts scenes from “Emission.” It shouldn’t spoil your enjoyment of the other three. 

  11. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      snax. drug slang is embarrassing. 

  12. Adam Humphreys


      I like the book trailers where the author is just talking about the book and his or her world view. 

  13. Don

      Joshua Cohen is a great writer – very excited for this!

  14. kjtuyy


  15. Richard Grayson

       I think he’s so good a writer he doesn’t need book trailers, but then I’ve got one foot in the columbarium, and if this gets him more younger readers, good.

  16. Don

      I know what you mean. I wasn’t able to finish the trailer, but I don’t think it’s for me. Anyone who has read a book by Cohen is going to buy this, and I hope the trailer gets him some new readers.