August 21st, 2012 / 7:23 pm
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Saying goodbye to Nintendo Power, but hello once again to Howard & Nester

I read today that Nintendo Power will soon cease publication. I haven’t bought or looked at a copy in 18 years, but from 1988 until about 1994, it was one of my favorite magazines. When I was a kid I really loved Nintendo.

I also loved drawing (still do), and I learned a lot about it from Nintendo Power. One of my favorite parts of the magazine was the comic strip “Howard and Nester”:

"Howard & Nester" Volume 22 (excerpt)

I copied those strips repeatedly, and to this day can trace a lot of my own personal style back to them. Looking through the comics now (they’re all archived here), I still think them beautifully done: solid shapes, strong inking, bright but subtle colors—not to mention all those softly rounded corners…. I even like the off-centered nature of the lettering! (It all looks somewhat like a heavier version of Tintin.)

According to a poster at this site, the original H&N artist was one Joe Haley. Once he left the strip (Volume 22 was his last), it was never the same, or much to my liking—no offense to the artist who followed him. I actually cancelled my subscription after that!

So I’m sad to hear that NP‘s on its way out, but happy to learn I can still read my favorite part online. (Though I wonder if one can find scans of whole issues anywhere?)

(Actually, I still have all my old copies packed in a box at my parents’ house. I’ll have to dig them out when I travel home for Thanksgiving…)

Update: Worth a peek: “The 10 Coolest (and 10 Lamest) Nintendo Power Covers

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  1. salpane

      This is horrible. I loved Nintendo Power as a kid and subscribed to it for years. Howard and Nester were cartoon kings. You guys ever play the only game Nester ever appeared in? Nester’s Funky Bowling for Virtual Boy? Man, poor Nester.

  2. salpane
  3. A D Jameson

      I vaguely recall there having been a Nester game, but I never played it.

  4. A D Jameson

      I vaguely recall there having been a Nester game, but I never played it.

  5. Howard Phillips

      Glad you enjoyed the H&N comics – the original artist was a guy in Japan – unfortunately I can’t remember his name. That said, I posted on the Gamemaster Howard Facebook page a pic of the original press proof for the first Howard & Nester comic – possibly the artist’s name (in Japanese characters) is in the markings on the border?