June 3rd, 2013 / 2:35 pm
Massive People

Help Kenneth Goldsmith Print The Internet, or Petition to Prevent Him From Doing It

Conceptual provocateur Kenneth Goldsmith’s new project involves printing off the entire internet. You can follow his Tumblr about it. There you’ll see he’s getting a lot of press for this idea. Some of it positive, some of it negative.

Change.org is actively seeking to stop Goldsmith from going through with his proposition. They’ve started a petition, which you can read here.

If you’re opposed to Goldsmith’s project, you can sign that petition.

If you support Goldsmith’s project, you can join him, and according to his proposal, “Every person who contributes to Printing out the Internet is listed as a participating artist in this group show. LABOR is the best young gallery in Mexico — everyone gets a great line on their resume.”

If you don’t care, you can obviously ignore the whole thing.



  1. mimi

      this is an idea best left to the realm of ‘conceptual art’
      (it did make me think!)

      but let’s not really DO it, people
      i mean, mail massive amounts of paper to mexico?

  2. Ethan Ashley

      I feel excited for this.
      I am near enough to Mexico that I could potentially visit this.
      Seems like it would be a nightmare. I would like papers to cover the floor, the walls, etc.
      Already printed out some cat pictures.

  3. deadgod

      Scan and upload the printout.

  4. mimi
  5. A D Jameson

      Following this feat, Goldsmith plans to 3D print every cat picture on the internet.

  6. Brooks Sterritt

      i’m currently in the process of printing out all of HTMLGIANT and will be posting it to Mexico

  7. mimi

      i’d be curious to know how many pages that turns out to be, and how many cartridges of ink you use (seriously, interested. that’s what i meant when i said [below] “it did make me think!”)

      also, the type and cost of postage

  8. Jeremy Hopkins

  9. Brooks Sterritt

      i estimate 30-50,000 pages. this is a strictly after hours in a college computer lab and i’m going to drop all the boxes in the mail cart.

      it’s going to be a tremendous waste of time and resources, but everyone who has ever attached words to HTMLGIANT will have collaborated with Kenneth Goldsmith in a funny shirt forever