August 29th, 2013 / 7:08 pm
Massive People & Snippets

who, amongstĀ us writers, is the greatest Tweeter ?? Mark Leidner, Blake Butler, Melissa Broder, Patricia Lockwood, and Rauan Klassnik (ha ha) are all GREAT Tweeters–

but if I had to name just one it would be Russel Swensen (Scribbly Mouse)–

whatcha say ???


  1. Rauan Klassnik

      Miggy Angel, Donora Hillard, Sommer Browing and Aaron Belz are some others who come to mind

  2. Rauan Klassnik

      Matthew Simmons and Steve Edwards also. Elisa Gabbert.

  3. theTsaritsa

      I go hard on twitter *pshaw*

  4. Rauan Klassnik

      no one goes harder, really… should have mentioned ya !! (and your FB posts are “hard” too!!)

  5. Matthew Simmons

      Eric Raymond is putting in some work. (@pontiuslabar)

  6. Rauan Klassnik

      you’re right, he’s excellent

  7. Mark Cugini

      Amy Lawless (@amylawless) is my TWeverything.

  8. Rauan Klassnik

      Amy’s my tweet teddy bear … and let’s not forget my social network nephew (M-Cugini) … ra, ra, ra

  9. Phil Hopkins

      Blake Butler is the best person at everything in the world all the time because he’s so literary. Always. Especially when he’s not.

  10. Rauan Klassnik

      thanks for sharing!

  11. Amy Lawless
  12. Mark Cugini

      It’s got something to do with the elephants.

  13. Rauan Klassnik

      this is getting real and creepy. real creepy!

      would you like someone to have a little chat with Mark ?? (pay him a “visit” if you know what I mean. nudge, nudge.)

  14. postitbreakup

      Melissa Broder, no contest

  15. Rauan Klassnik

      yeah, Melissa’s great, but it’s a contest for sure :)

  16. bemightee

      Leidner. He’s trimmed all the fat off.