April 9th, 2012 / 8:01 am

Call for Submissions

This is a call for submissions for the -1st issue of decent-er(r)ed.


In the navel-sized carnival that quickens, decent-er(r)ed is the new wax inside the old cranium that accumulates to overturn the sanctimonious kayak of mainstream narrative hegemony.

Things we like: “third sex” locutions, exo-digital cognitive maps, postcolonial rape fantasies, artificial artificialities, hier/anarchy, piss-fictions, writing opposed to argument that wraps its rhizomes around Aristotelian unity, and lines of anal fight or flight.

Things we don’t like or want: phallocentric neologisms; bourgeois “living-room” fantasies; literary fiction of any sort; genre fiction of any sort; stories featuring characters in outdated “room-settings” using “word-dialogues” set down “between quotes”; nature and the depiction of it; the proper (statist) uses of punctuation; the “lyric I,” the “lyric we,” the “lyric he,” the “lyric she,” the “lyric it,” the “lyric they”; and any writing that uses typography.

Please think about what reading an issue would be like before submitting!

For crystalline writing that plays with itself in public, please queery [sic] our genderless sister organ langomaliaproxypoesis, which specializes in trans\gressive, innovative, non-categorical assaults on the hegemonic institutions of bio-sex.

For writing that de-writes un-writing, please consider our comrade lit-antenna, Bad Fish Loopy Glue, AKA the journal that plays with journals that play with journals, and as such keeps its keen Cyclopean eye out for ultra-non-creative works that plagiarize other plagiarisms, being a haven for all unintentional non-writers who marshal fragments of ruined found texts in order to inject termites into the very found+ations of culture and thereby consume from within the Great Satan’s chateau of Official State Poetic Verse Culture.

For writing that’s aware of itself in a sentient sense, as well as completely indeterminate prose that devastates all known reality, please consider buryall, a time-cyanide-capsule being built by our good friend Jules in Arizona.

For incommunicative prose maneuvers that disquiet, please contact , a brand-new totally-new adventure in the new L≈A≈N≈G≈U≈A≈G≈E and S≈A≈U≈S≈A≈G≈E poetries.

Thus, to reiterate, we at decent-er(r)ed are asking for innovative writing comprised of innovative letters to destabilize the reality of sense-making-words-in-a-series-organization; we will also gladly consider paraGRAPH play; “bourhemian” (bohemian/bourgeois) hybrid-mutations; tent-inhabiting boundary crossings that castrate the infantile patriarchy (AKA, “the new-madic suicidal-realism”); and “anything” “in” “inverted” “commas.”

Our true first (0st) issue features writing by Tao Lin, Tan Lin, Linh Dinh, and Lyn Hejinian; we hid it on the middle school playground nearest you.

We pay 25 cents Canadian for every Canadian word.

Submit online now using our Submishmash, Submishmashsquish, Submishmashsquishsquash, or Submishmashsquishsquashsasquatch services.



  1. Bobby Dixon

      I want to read anything w/ both T. Lins. 

  2. Trey

      it took me way, way too long to realize this was a joke

  3. Ryan Bradford

      I’m gonna cut a some Cronenberg clips together and submit.

  4. Bill Hsu

      That title is over the top!


  5. sam salvador

      that sausage looks like it is held together by bacon strips

  6. D. Oliver

      It took me until “genderless sister organ.” Christ.

  7. Frank Lloyd Wong

      has anyone ever played kriss kross for someone teetering on a ledge?

  8. Stephen Tully Dierks

      “For writing that’s aware of itself in a sentient sense, as well as completely indeterminate prose that devastates all known reality, please consider buryall, a time-cyanide-capsule being built by our good friend Jules in Arizona.” lol

  9. Anonymous

      It took me until “Our true first (0st) issue”
      (even worse)

  10. deadgod
  11. A D Jameson

      No, no, it is totally in earnest. Please submit.

  12. A D Jameson

      My sister’s first concert was Kriss Kross.

  13. Endless Dan Moore

      I love you.

  14. Ryan Forsythe
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  16. A D Jameson

      Gee, thanks, IAirMaxShoes.com!

  17. A D Jameson

      The lesser-developed bio-regions, I forgot those, drat…

  18. A D Jameson

      And somewhere the Kiss Kross mash-up must exist…

  19. A D Jameson