October 3rd, 2014 / 7:43 pm

Chesticles Friday: Daddy’s Back

Scumbag life

And he has the keys to the bulldozer.


  1. Angelique

      He had popsicles on his boxers, but I loved him anyway. They way he smelled like old spice, the fancy way he parted his hair. Once he had to start taking the lithium he could no longer perform in the sack. I dumped him for that redheaded guy that used to be in the partridge family. He is very funny and can make awesome smoothies.

  2. Blake Butler

      life is ok again to live through

  3. jereme_dean

      It’s like we’re in a live version of expendables 4.

  4. rawbbie

      oh man, boobs friday

  5. mimi

      fabbbulous, dahling
      who does your hair?

  6. mimi

      someone’s givin’ the ol’ bearsuit a run for the money, A D J a m e s o n

  7. mimi

      popsicles! of course!
      i thought they were two-prong electrical plugs

  8. Brooks Sterritt


  9. jereme_dean

      This one-eyed tranny at salon ‘don’t give no fucks’. I wash it once or twice a week and haven’t cut it, once, in like, fuck… 5 years?

  10. drewkalbach

      ye olde htmlgiant of yesteryear

      such quaint times

  11. Gene Morgan

      All of my dreams are real now

  12. Rauan Klassnik

      BEWARE OF DOG — ??? ha ha ha

  13. Donora Hillard

      Luck Dragon! <3

  14. Taylor Napolsky

      Just when I’m starting to enjoy and visit this site again you’re quitting. Can someone else who knows what they’re doing start a similar site please?

  15. barry

      sexy ass bitch