December 1st, 2008 / 4:14 am

Mean Monday: Christy Call Talks Shit About(4) Lit Blogs

Here is a piece of our latest gchat about lit blogs:

me: hey
  we need to do
  like a talking shit thing
  for tomorrow
  what do you ant to talk shit about?
9:41 PM hey
  talk shit about something
 Chris: WHAT
9:42 PM me: we need to have you talk shit about something
 Chris: oh right
  must talk shit
  about something
  give me a topic
 me: ok
  your topic is
  lit blogs
 Chris: uh oh
  i first read little blogs
  that was weird
9:43 PM so like now i know though you want lit blogs
 me: yes
  we are not communicating very well tonight
 Chris: no
  we are communicating brilliantly
 me: there is nothing brilliant
  about this gchat
 Chris: this conversation is a microcosm for lit blogs
 me: microcosm?
9:44 PM Chris: microorganism
 me: microgasm
  this is dumb
  we need to start over
 Chris: microwave it
 me: stop
 me: ok
  lit blogs
  talk shit
 me: we already started over goddamn it
 Chris: like whose lit blog
 me: i dont know

I want to start over again. I want to go to sleep.


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