February 25th, 2011 / 7:34 pm
Power Quote

Power Quote: Judith Butler

It would be a mistake to think that received grammar is the best vehicle for expressing radical views, given the constraints that grammar imposes upon thought, indeed, upon the thinkable itself. But formulations that twist grammar or that implicitly call into question the subject-verb requirements of propositional sense are clearly irritating to some. They produce more work for their readers, and sometimes their readers are offended by such demands. Are those who are offended making a legitimate request for “plain speaking” or does their complaint emerge from a consumer expectation of intellectual life? Is there, perhaps, a value to be derived from such experiences of linguistic difficulty? If gender itself is naturalized through grammatical norms, as Monique Wittig has argued, then the alteration of gender at the most fundamental epistemic level will be conducted, in part, through contesting the grammar in which gender is given.

(from Gender Trouble, pages xix-xx)


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  2. deadgod

      The propositionally conventional form of these sentences makes certain that they are not the best – nor even any – vehicle for radical or revolutionary views. From the hegemonic determinations embedded ineradicably in their grammatical ‘correctness’, the conditions for the possibility of Butler’s expressions here are clearly conditions for the possibility only of patriarchal, racist, homophobic, and bourgeois perpetual hegemonic re-empowerment.

  3. Signonthewallsayslonely

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