March 6th, 2012 / 3:20 pm

3 New from Action Books: Burning City, Cronk, Hyesoon

If you don’t own every title Action Books puts out, I’d say you’re slipping. Here are three new just released units for that library of teeth:

Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity ed. by Jed Rasula & Tim Conley [like 400 pp full of insane shit discoveries]

Skin Horse by Olivia Cronk [I’ve already read this twice, it’s wow]

All the Garbage of the World, Unite! by Kim Hyesoon, translated by Don Mee Choi [Which after Hyesoon’s first book, Mommy Must Be A Mountain of Feathers, also from Action, I’m ready to be killed again]


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  1. Ponsford McQuain

      just started the Hyesoon book, it’s real good

  2. Laura Carter

      Got Burning City & Skin Horse in the mail. SO GOOD. Working through Burning City, reading lots, remembering Apollinaire, etc. from way back when I read those. Action Books never disappoints.

  3. Nathaniel Otting

      It’s true

  4. Nathaniel Otting

      Teaching Mommy Must Be A Fountain of Feathers but already loved All the Garbage of the World, Unite!

      Saw that Skin Horse is at Flying Object. Will probably read it tomorrow.

  5. deadgod

      Pretty sure the Korean poet’s name is here stated in the traditional Korean manner:  family name then personal name.  She is Ms. Kim (as with Ms. Cronk), as the excellent film director Kim Ki-duk is Mr. Kim.  Her name is also englished “Kim Hye-sun”, as it is with these poems: . (I think her translator would be called – in the Korean style – ‘Choi Don Mee’ (or Don-mee, Donmee), Mr. Choi.)