November 6th, 2008 / 1:08 pm

BlazeVox; free ebooks out the ass

I knew BlazeVox had ebooks, but I had no idea of there were more than 60.

In particular, there is a brand new e-title from one of my recent favorite people:

Sean Kilpatrick’s THE MAN WHO FOLLOWED ME HOME FROM WORK: Sean is just a slayer and will say anything, and his power comes through in the lines. I am excited for this compendium of his earlier stuff.

Also free are books by Ted Pelton, Juliet Cook, and Mark Cunningham, among others. A great trove of stuff.

Looking through this, then, also inspired me to take up their 3 for $20 deal on print titles, which includes ones from Louis E. Bourgeois, Michael Basinski, Daniel Borzutzky, Noah Eli Gordon and more.

If that isn’t enough, there’s also a new issue of their e-journal, which has the badass Brandi Wells, among many others.

Get to work.

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