July 15th, 2009 / 10:09 pm

Displaced Press


From the minds of Daniel Borzutzky, Brian Whitener, and Steven Hendricks, the ultra new and sexfed Displaced Press, who have come out of the gates hard and strong with two titles of powertext, one a translation by Johannes Göransson of Johan Jönson, Collobert Orbital, and Yedda Morrison’s girl scout nation. Both titles have just been released, and are available through the press’s site, as well as via SPD.

Check the specs:

Praise for Collobert Orbital from Mark Nowak:

If Vicente Huidobro met Georges Bataille on a Waste Management(R)truck, the result might be something akin to Johan Jönsson’s Collobert Orbital, the new manifesto of “the waste-disposal-working-class.” At times soaring across “aerospatiality,” at others existentially grounded in “an overheated world factory” of “all work, all healthcare, all logistics,” Jönsson’s linguistic propulsions and dynamic formal innovations challenge “a victorious bourgeois poetry order” to, once again, rearticulate verse experimentation to the politics and poetics of working a day job.


“It is a rare book that makes us constantly ask how the author achieved such beauty, complexity, clarity. girl scout nation is one of those, its wide lines barreling across the landscape of the page, covering amazing swaths of time, myth, devastation, sensuality, in gorgeous pointed material utterances; or suddenly pulling the reader up in short musical stops, botanical lists, girl scout ditties, surveillance techniques. There is rage, here, the body where it meets the staggering earth, contained in the tiny catapulting figure of Scout, herself contained by the entire rage of the planet; and this rage is the more effective for being “the deep glowing red inside the barrel,” for being nowhere and everywhere, for being a girl, just a girl there/daddy. Both primal and urbane, girl scout nation is rich hard realism on its way to Disney upside down. After Crop, Yedda Morrison has done it again: I love this book.”

–Gail Scott

Placing my orders now. Excited to see a press with tastes and heads aimed in a direction that already, out of the gate, seems ready to break some walls.

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