December 16th, 2010 / 4:00 pm

I Am Intrigued by Chin Music Press

One of the things I love most about attending literary events is learning about presses and writers with which I am not familiar. At the Pop Up Bookstore in Chicago this past weekend, I found this gorgeous book, Oh, by Todd Shimoda with artwork by Linda Shimoda, published by  Chin Music Press. As an art object, this book is gorgeous–heavy, textured papers, a gorgeous hardcover, and though I just started the book, I haven’t been able to put it down. I decided to look them up online and they have a lot going on. I was especially interested in this blog post, by Bruce Rutledge, about books as art objects and what it costs to publish beautifully designed books. Check them out.


  1. scifibrarian

      I’ve had this book on my wish list forever. I’ll definitely be buying it with my next paycheck.

  2. Janey Smith

      Roxane? Total chin music. Neat site, books.

  3. Richard Thomas

      Very cool, all of it. Thanks, Roxane.

  4. drewkalbach

      just thought ‘oh! shimoda’ in michael jackson’s voice.

      you’re welcome.

  5. Dawn.

      Lovely. Thanks for the recommendation, Roxane.

  6. Dawn.

      Lovely. Thanks for the recommendation, Roxane.

  7. Dawn.

      Lovely. Thanks for the recommendation, Roxane.

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